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A historic landmark in the Norwegian consciousness, Holmenkollen embodies more than a century of skiing tradition. Inside the actual ski jump is the Holmenkollen Ski Museum, the world's oldest ski museum. The museum presents over 4,000 years of skiing history and polar exploration artifacts. The observation deck on top of the jump tower offers panoramic views of Oslo.

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This was the best museum we have ever visited (we are active people who are not into museums). We loved the ski history and also enjoyed the global warming exhibition where we learnt a lot of interesting facts.

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Art Museums in Oslo

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The ski jump tower is in the highest point of Oslo. When you rise up on the top, you can see beautiful view of Oslo fjord.

This was my favourite in our short stay in Oslo. Once again free with the Oslo pass. A very steep walk up hill from the tram stop. Amazing views and interesting displays.


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Well worth 150 krone and also really easy to use the Metro to get there. Stations are marked by the giant "T" signs, If you're traveling from central Oslo head west on line number 1, destination Frognerseteren. It's about 15 stops to Holmenkollen and takes about 20 minutes, then you've got a sign-posted, ten minutes gentle incline stroll to the tower itself.

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Military Museums in Oslo

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