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I have finally got a log that shows all of the infected spots but due to the ransomeware being able to infect anti-maleware and disquise itself I can not get rid of this crap. I have even formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 several times but it seems to remain. By the time I download AM it is too late. Window 7 crack ultimate. No maleware that I have tried has even come close.

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This is the first scan I ran I just noticed there are differences in the logs. They are about 4hrs difference in time. I was scanning every 30mins or so. I guess it taking more and more control hiding more and more things. I took ownership of the C drive and all the objects within it. Also added only myself as User on everything.

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Confessions of a Windows 7 pirate. New Windows 7 Activator [] [blaze69] ebb5. Install But Don't Run The Program Just Yet. I am given the following error: "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate and existing system partition.

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I can't save anything and access it so that is why I am pasting these long logs on the relplies. Sorry I know it's alot but its the best I can do. Now it has deactivated my mouses ability to click with right and left click, so I am down to keyboard usage only.

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I can't find the root file that begins the process. Windows vista ultimate key. I have found several RSA KEYS but not sure if they would decrypt the files.