After reading I am sure you can be able to hack your mobile and can be able to install any unsigned application on your mobile without any problem. Form Title Downloads SIS LCG Jukebox v Signed S60v3 S60v5 Datecode upped: 2 weeks SIS, Xplore V S60v3 V5 S^3 Anna Belle Atlantis Mod [email protected] by Rifatspir. Although we have indicated the license type, please make sure to double check it by reading the information shown in the details area of each font to avoid any confusion. What more can we say T h i ^ ^ M ^ s t popular and most used word j A on the Amiga today, it features a 11 I& 9 ^ f d speller: 1.4 million word thesaurus: autadfl hyphenation: search and replace; tab stoagjfl adjustable margins: word and sentence counts; paragraph sorting; on-screen math; style sheets; drawing tools; im p o r ^ ^ ^ ^ H ^ c s: master pages; C o m p u g ra p h io ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ r. Jaf v Full with PKey Emulator Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP With Full Installing Tutorial JAF is a Commonly using Software to.

These curves can be used to extrude along, or as motion paths for other objects, such as the cars careening along the roller coaster tracks! Random is a tool for moving points randomly. Keep fonts activated font explorer. This can be used to create landscapes, asteroids, or just 'rough up' an object. Execute is a handy if unassuming tool that lets vou execute AmigaDOS commands right from within Aladdin. Unfortunately, it doesn't open an output window, so if you want to see the results, such as listing the hard drive, or deleting files or whatever, you wilt have to flip hack to Workbench anyway. If you do commercial animating, vou may find AnimLen could easily pay for the price of Genie Tools. AnimLen allows you to change the length of animations, while carefully maintaining your timing throughout. As you know, if you've done any Aladdin animating, animation timing is referenced both in relative (a 14 Amazing Computing percentage of time) and absolute (a number of frames) terms. While quite flexible, this can create problems when you need to lengthen or shorten an animation segment. If your animation is synced to a sound track, you'll often find Aladdin has stretched out or squashed the timing, requiring a good bit of tedious reworking to get it back in sync.

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Ac- tually, there arc three if you in- clude Disk Salv 2, Amiga legend Dave Haynie's latest variation on this once freely distributable disk-salvage utility. For the price of a large pizza (S10), you can use the latest version of Disk Salv 2 with a clear conscience. An- other S40 yields you a printed manual, scheduled to be on sale around the time you read this. A tireless soldier in the bat- tle for lost data, Haynic pulled out all the stops with this ver- sion (11/27) of Disk Salv. For starters, it now fully supports the Amiga style guide, which may not be such good news to Workbench 1/2 and 1/3 hold- outs since it won't work on their machines. There's an all-new graphic interface that lets you evele through various data-res- ON-LINE kJVx/\lN ByTi cue and -recovery operations. You can now undelete files; un- fonnat, validate, or repair disks and devices; and generally undo any damage you or your equipment may inflict on data- storage devices. V'ou also have the option of saving the sal- vaged data to the device of your choice. While it's not as ornate as its commercial counterparts, it's a lot cheaper and docs the job just as well. One- final word of advice, if you keep all of your valuable files on your hard drive, take a moment to copy Disk Salv 2 onto a (loppy, Thai way, if your hard disk dies, at least you can still run the utility to start sal- vaging your lost data.

Q WHAT KIND OF PAPER WILL IT ACCEPT? A Paper is fed in from a tray at the side, which can be altered to accept several different sizes of paper: letter, legal, A4, executive and B5; along with the following kinds of envelopes: monarch, com-10, international DL and international C5. Optional cassettes and a paper feeder are also available. Q BUT WHAT ABOUT GETTING IT TO WORK? APnding the correct printer driver is always a problem with hard copy output from the Amiga. Star's printer makes this a little easier by providing two emulations, selectable from the control panel or via escape codes. The first is an Epson FX-80 emulation, provided primarily for compatibility with dot matrix printers. The chances are that you won't bother with this, and will instead use Using the HP emulation, it is possible to output straight text, in which case one of the printer's internal fonts (company website) is used. In HP mode, these are fairly limited: there are two different sizes of Courier, a mono- spaced font (description), in either normal, bold or italic, and a font called Line printer which squeezes in more characters per inch than is fair to the average eye. It's possible to make use of other fonts, too. Cartridges are available with the likes of Times Roman, Prestige Elite, Helvetica, Letter Gothic and bar codes.


No. The range that we had last year, apart from the A3000 which we've re-positioned so far as pricing is concerned, is going to be quite different to the range we will see at the end of this year. We are trying to make sure that we have very competitive products. But I don't want to talk about what's going to be AMIGA SHOPPER • ISSUE 17 • SEPTEMBER 1992 11 NEWS in there. What I would say is that if people are looking for a machine that is as inexpensive as the A1500, they may well be disappointed, because the new machine will have higher specifications and obviously that does carry a cost. Is there any truth to the rumours of an AA' chip set? Well, if you think about it, the first chip that we ever released was the 'single A', and then we had the ECS which is the 'A Plus' chip set, if you like, so I suppose a 'double A' wouldn't be out of the question. All I would say again is that we realise that we have to keep ahead of the game. Whether it's a 'double A' whether it's an 'A Plus' or whatever, it wouldn't be out of the question to see Commodore releasing new chip sets, because that's our game. If we're to stay ahead of the competition, we have to do something. Just by dropping a 68020 or 030 in there - that's great but that really just gives you speed; it doesn't increase the graphics power.

If you plan on using Moving Textures as a background, remember thai every pixel in the background is going to change. This will slow down the replay of the animation when you preview it, and also call for enhanced storage space when the animation is stored. Large changes in a screen make for livelier animation, but at the cost of replay and storage space. Of course the replay is no problem if you are going to record it to video with a single frame option (the PAR, Noahji's V-Lab Motion, or other alternatives). Moving Textures and 3D Objects (and where you might want them) Where might it be useful to use Moving Textures on, or as a part of, a 3D object? Since the textures we're speaking of refer to organic process (the movement of clouds and water, for instance) we should look to 3D objects that need organic movements. Mapping Moving Textures on a vase yields an object that seems to he reflecting that movement on its surface. Another choice might be to map the Moving Texture onto its counterpart in form: water- on a water surface, flame on flames, etc. One of my favorite ways of accomplishing the later is to record an animation as single frames (hat depicts the chosen Moving Textures on n background. Then I map that same background to a planar surface in mv animation, many times setting the "genlock" option which removes the background color.


I will save the details for another article. Printing Printing is through Preferences only, lacking the excellent PostScript drivers available for FinalWriter and FinalCopv. The product literature states that FinalData uses printer fonts (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=1978) "for speed" but translated this means: no print driver. What a shame this is not an option. SoftWood's PostScript drivers worked so well in the past. When 1 tried my PostScript printer with the System 2/1 PostScript Preferences driver, the only font (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=8989) that worked was the mono-spaced courier. Any attempt to use a proportional font such as Times, failed to line anything up properly. On HP Laserjet setting, the only font available was courier which printed acceptably. The tutorial shows you how to print labels. It fails to mention that the settings are for one label per page, so if you have a sheet feed printer such as a laser printer, you will want to change to 3 labels across and 3 down per page, or you will get six pages from printing the six labels in the tutorial.

If you buy a SCSI CD-ROM drive from a mail-order company that usually sells to Mac or PC owners, the price might include driver software. Even if you don't own a Mac or PC, don't refuse the software; you might have an opportunity to use it in the future. It's even possible to share a CD-ROM drive on a single SCSI bus between two computers. If your PC is located near your Amiga, simply add the CD-ROM drive to the chain. If your PC is a Bridgeboard, it's ob- vious that your Amiga and PC are already quite close. Make sure that the CD-ROM drive is working properly on each computer alone before you try to combine the SCSI bus in this way. Also, this type of network could amplify any improper termination of the SCSI bus. Both computers can access the same disc at the same time, and with a read-only device, there's no chance that either computer will corrupt the data on the disc. CD-ROM drives work well with Mac emulators, too. While CD-ROM will undoubtedly continue to become faster, sport new features, and offer greater versatility, the state of die art in 1993 is already well advanced.


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Box 50178 Phoenix, AZ 85076 800-247-8330 FAX 602-431-8361 'AC* (continued from page 30} Effects list. On bringing it up, you can select from a long list of options (like Biochain, Charcoal, Cheetah, Eye, JFK, Medical, Pencil, Rake, Smoke, and dozens more) and apply your choice to either the whole picture or to a selected region. Most of the painting effects are unique to IFX2, so don't expect to find them in other software. Ad to this the ability to add "paper" textures to an image (whole or part), and you have an expectant canvass before you. Alpha-ing Around "Compositing" has become a buzz-word for computer artists in the know, a method by which separate graphics screens can be combined in an infinite number of ways to produce state-of-the-art illustrations and photo compositions. IFX2 has a most awesome variety of tools to enhance creativity in this area. You can combine separate pictures on different screens, and also include an Alpha channel to boot. If you don't know, an Alpha channel is a grayscale graphic that uses the lightest colors to depict where images will combine, while the darkest colors usually are meant to "show thru" a live video feed. As expected, IFX2 has a host of separate Alpha tools. There's really no way to do my description of compositing with 1FX2 justice except with a dedicated tutorial, something I plan to do in the coming months in Amazing (probably a tutorial series).

ASSUME CONTROL Looking at the Switchsoft I/O port we notice lots of assorted sockets and two ribbon leads culminating in a parallel port 'D' socket and a joystick 'D' socket. The Amiga must be switched off before connecting. Once re-powered, a red LED tells us the port is receiving the five volts of power required. There are 15 phono (RCA) female sockets and two red power sockets supplying five volts. Eight of the phono sockets (coloured black) come from the parallel port, and these are bi- directional, so each can be configured as an input or output port. Five of the Switchsoft's relay model with the top removed to see the Internal relay, resistor and transistor to provide high power switching phono sockets (coloured red) are input ports (apart from one, details later) and these come from the joystick port. The last two phono sockets are yellow, and these are 'analogue' ports, which enable the Amiga to measure the resistance connected between the central and outer terminals. The value of the sensors' resistance should be in the range of to 500K. It should be noted that these ports are not buffered, and care must be taken to ensure accurate insulation on any projects you attempt yourself. The two red +5volts sockets provide a limited power supply for some projects, but this is only of the order of 125mAmps, so many applications will need an external power supply.


DO I$=STR(ABS(STRIG1)))+BIN$ J (STICK(1),4) I$=MID$(I$,5,1)+MID$ J (I$,4,1)+MID$(I$,3,1) J +MID$(I$,2,1)+MID$(I$,1,1) PRINT 1$ LOOP The first line does all the work pro- ducing a binary string. The second reverses it so that it corresponds to the inputs as seen from the front of the port rather than the back. SHEDDING SOME LIGHT The temperature and light control kit comprises of, a light dependent resistor and a thermistor, each attached to two metres of cable. The software supplied with the kit produces a continuous read-out of temperature or light, expressed as a graph, which can be printed out. I used the thermistor with an extension lead and went to various areas in my kitchen. The read-out fluctuated emphasising the range of temperatures around the room. An immediate application for this device came to mind and started a mini project of its own. I am a Bonsai enthusiast and living in the North of England poses problems for delicate species over the winter. Monitoring of the mini-greenhouse I store them in over winter could enable a relay to trip and turn on a low wattage mains light-bulb, ensuring the on-coming frost was avoided. Similarly, the light dependent resistor could be used, again with a relay, to switch on a tape recorder and side lamps, should the house be empty of an evening, providing a very cheap but effective intruder deterrent.

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A Once the software is installed, You'd be amazed at just how easy it is to grab an image. Full control of the scanner stages: 'Preview' and Fine Scan'. The preview mode scans at a low resolution monochrome, using half- toning to achieve grey scales. Clicking on the sides of a rectangular border with the mouse enables you to select precisely the area of the image you are interested in. Click on Scan when you've done so, then click on Accept if you're happy with what you've chosen. At any time, you can step through each of the available resolutions and the software will tell you precisely how much memory the scanned image would take up in monochrome, grey scale and full colour. Once you have everything set up and have clicked on Accept, it's time to scan for real. This screen operates in much the same manner as the preview one. You select whether you want a monochrome, grey scale or full colour image, and which resolution you require. You will be told how much memory this will take up; if there isn't enough the figure will be displayed in black (irrelevant if you are scanning direct to disk). You may also select the scanner's zoom option, which ranges from 50 to 200 percent, although ASDG recommends you always scan at 100 percent and use Art Department to zoom if you need to do so, since It Is capable of producing more intelligent results.


Computer games will play a large part in the show, with a National Computer Games Championship having its final held there. The stakes are £20,000 in prize money, and the final will be televised as part of Yorkshire TV's forthcoming computer games programme. Rest assured that the Amiga Shopper team will be there to stop things getting too frivolous. We'll be offering tips and advice and our Amiga Answers panel will be on hand to tackle 'live' questions. The Future Entertainment Show promises to be AMIGAS ON COURSE The London College of Printing & Distributive Trades is offering a number of design and image processing courses centred around the Amiga. Courses range from two to four days, costing from £165 to £295. They range from the latter half of August to the middle of September. They will be given by industry professionals and college lecturers. Delegates will have access to their own Amiga A3000s with GVP IV24 graphics cards. The course titles are: Introduction to Interactive Multimedia Design, Practical Techniques of Interactive Multimedia Design, Digital Darkroom (Digital Image Processing).

Let's talk a little about lighting. Essentially, lighting is everything in video because what we see is actually light being reflected off objects (people, buildings, and so on). The way a scene is lit can make or break a video. The tried-and-true method of lighting is called three-point lighting because is uses three different light sources: key light, fill light, and back light. Fig- ure 1 shows a basic three-point lighting setup. The key light is the main light source. It will illumi- nate the subject and the subject's immediate sur- roundings. The fill light is used to "fill-in," that is, to light the areas that the key light has missed. It is gen- erally used to soften deep shadows and highlights. The backlight is used to add depth to the shot.


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Iomega holds another distinction among removable-media manufacturers. It is the only company that includes Amiga installation instructions with its drives. A few years back, Ricoh came out with a 55MB re- movable cartridge drive to compete with the SyQuest 44MB drive. This drive worked well, but never seemed to catch on like the SyQuest and Bernoulli units. You may still find these drives around, and since they have become a bit outdated by the larger capacities offered by competitors, you should be able to pick them up for a couple hundred dollars less — something to keep in mind if you are working on a tight budget. Read/Write Optical Disks ne of the newer mass-storage technologies is the magneto-optical disk. Eike a CD-ROM, it uses a laser beam pickup to read the disk, but unlike a CD, you can write to the disk. At first, optical drives were limited to WORM (Write Once, Read ILLUSTRATIONS BY DARRYL SHELTON AiiiigtiWoiid 27 tanyj units, but this category now includes res that can lsed and writ- imes. Several large manufacturers make magneto- optical drives, including Sony, Panasonic, and Ricoh. On the plus side, these drives offer lots of storage space.

Download Friz Quadrata Std font (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=1010) for PC/Mac for free, take a test-drive and see the entire character set. Moreover, you can embed it to your website with @font (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=7337)-face support.


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To the extent that any such rights created by any law, statute, treaty or governmental regulation are waiveable, you agree that your acceptance of the Agreement shall constitute an effective and irrevocable waiver of such rights. The Agreement may be enforced by MTI or by an authorized dealer acting on behalf of MTI.

This chip then has to slow down to match the A1500 when accessing 16-bit RAM. If the 68020/68030 is to make any use of its 32-bit data bus, then it has to have 32-bit RAM on the accelerator card itself. This is not a problem on the Amiga A3000, as that is a 32-bit computer and has 32-bit RAM throughout. Adding an accelerator card to your Amiga would not speed up the bridgeboard at all. The bridgeboard is actually a PC 386SX in its own right, and is a totally separate computer to your Amiga. Special electronics and software handle communications between the PC side and the Amiga side. You could plug a SVGA card into one of the PC slots inside your A1500, and you would require a seperate SVGA monitor. TS GETTING ANIMATED I will soon be updating my A500 to either an A15O0 or A2000 and would like to know which would be more suitable for animation, as I don't really know the difference, I'm afraid. I know I will need a genlock - I wish to mix graphics with Hi-Band U-Matlc video - but that's all I am certain of. Can I use a Philips TV (with SCART socket) as a reasonable monitor? Please help as I have not had any useful Info from any computer shop staff!


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A big advantage when you buy a used high-end broadcast camera is that you get ultra-quality lenses that are usually worth several times the price of the whole package. It is also common to see used cameras bundled with tripods and other accessories. The earlier cameras used picture tubes as imaging devices, but these were gradually replaced by chips. Be- cause chip cameras are relatively new, you will find a good assortment of tube cameras on the used market. This is not necessarily bad, as most broadcast- quality tube cameras perform better than new industrial-grade chip cam- eras. There are, however, a few prob- lems with tube cameras, such as picture burn-in when they are pointed directly at strong lights and fairly frequent alignment adjustments. Camera prices and models seem to be more varied than with VTRs, so 1 will cite just a few examples to give you an idea of what you may find. Only three-chip or three-tube cameras are considered, as these offer true profes- sional quality. One tube camera, the Ikegami ITC-730 — with a 15x Canon high-grade lens and other acces- sories — can be had for only SI 900 used. A current Panasonic 300 CLE chip camera with lens goes for less than S5000.

I now want another Amiga but am considering an A1500 and an A2000. Please could you tell me what each machine has to offer over the A500? Can I get a ROM switcher that will switch between version 1/2, 1/3 and 2/04 for either machine? I have enough ICs for 13Mb of RAM, can you recommend a board to expand the A1500 or A2000 by 8Mb? The chips are 511000 ICs (I can't remember the access time but I think it's 120ns). I wish to have either a hard drive with 100Mb capacity or a read/write optical drive. Are all makes compatable with the board you recommend? P Costlgan Plymouth Devon The main advantage of the Amiga 1500/2000 is the expandability. The Amiga 500 and 600 are not very expandable. There are ROM switchers that will take three ROM chips, but I'd think twice about keeping 1/2 - it's obsolete now and won't work with autoboot hard drives.


You may make one back-up copy of Font (click here to read) Software for archival purposes only, and you shall retain exclusive custody and control over such copy. Upon termination of the Agreement, you must destroy the original and any and all copies of the Font Software.

Even such items as VTRs and cameras do wear out and go out of alignment, requiring fre- quent maintenance. And since servic- ing pro video gear is expensive, you want to make especially sure that the equipment you buy is in good operat- ing condition. If you don't know what to look for in used equipment to make sure it is in good shape, there are some ways to increase the odds in your favor. One trick is to buy equipment that is currently in use. Not only will you be able to see it in operation, but also the fact that it is being used usually means that it is in good working condition. Many production facilities follow rigid maintenance schedules and will use only equipment in top shape. If you are not sure about the condi- tion of the equipment, or if you live too far away to check it out personally, you can hire a television engineer to test the gear for you. This is not a very cheap service, but I consider it a very wise investment if your purchase involves serious money. Another way to be safe is to buy from used equipment brokers. They are usually honest and will test the equipment before selling it. You can find used pro video gear advertised in your local newspaper, but you will find a much larger selection if you look at the classifieds sections of specialized trade magazines such as TV Technology, Video Systems, Post, A V Video, Videomaker, and Videogmphy.


It is also possible, in Hewlett Grey scale prints look particularly attractive with the Star LaserPrinter. This one was output from Deluxe Paint using the Hewlett Packard Laserjet emulation at 300 dots per inch. Of course, It takes a good while for a picture like this to print out, and if the original Image is too dark then the results are going to be disappointing. It's best to convert a colour picture to grey scale and adjust the palette to avoid too dark prints the Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIP emulation. Select this along with the HP_LaserJet driver supplied on the Extras disk and you can achieve some pretty nifty results. The problem, of course, is that the Amiga printer driver isn't entirely compatible with the printer's emulation - this is hardly surprising since the driver was written for an earlier version of the printer. Nevertheless, the output is up to scratch in all but one department: an irritating margin being created around an A4 page. Packard emulation mode, to download fonts via software. Since most Amiga packages have difficulty in enabling the user to choose from a printer's available selection of fonts anyway, the choice of extra fonts is largely academic. Q A IS IT ANY GOOD AT PRINTING IMAGES?

This specific font style app has special features that allow its users to get their messages and texts noticed by readers. Its font style packs attract the attention of readers.


First we'll look at how to set up the shots, and then we'll see how to edit the sequence. The storyboard for this example would show six dif- ferent shots: (shot #l) the salesman approaches the door; (shot #2) the customer answers the door; (shot #3) the salesman makes his pitch; (shot #4) the cus- tomer responds; (shot #5) the customer starts closing the door; and (shot #6) the door is slammed in the salesman's face. In order for these shots to work, we have to make sure the action overlaps. To achieve this, simply shoot the entire scene from each of the different angles. In this simple example, there are only two different cam- era angles in the scene (over the salesman's shoulder ■(■1 October 1993 P R E P F I N G FOR VIDEO and over the customer's shoulder). Shoot the scene all the way through twice — once from each different an- gle. You could shoot each shot individually, moving back ancl forth between camera angles, but going through the entire scene allows the talent to act more naturally because the action is not interrupted. In order for the sequence to work, it's very impor- tant to make sure that the actions from each angle match. You don't want the salesman holding his brief- case in his hand from one angle, and then having him clutching it at his side in the next. Whatever the talent does from one angle, they must also do it from the other.

Amazing Computing Magazine Volume 10 Number 3

MS-DOS to Amiga: An older Fred Fish disk utility that moves PC disk files to the Amiga. Twin Express 1/1: Shareware that enables transmission of files between a PC and Amiga using a null modem cable connected directly to each computer's serial port. MAC COMMERCIAL Sneakernet choices for the Mac are more limited be- cause it uses a multispeed floppy drive that is incom- patible with lite Amiga's floppy-drive controller. There are two hardware solutions to the problem: ReadySoft's/1-Ate // Plus (S499/95), which includes a controller to let Amiga drives read/write Mac format; and Utilities Unlimited's Emplant (from S279/95), which functions as a third-party Macintosh Bridge- board. Generally, the best solution is to add a Mac- compatible drive to your Amiga using one of the avail- able commercial options. To date, I am not aware of free/shareware programs that help to address Mac/Amiga disk compatibility. Although a Mac drive will get the files to your Ami- ga, you may still need additional conversion software since Mac files contain extensive header information that is incomprehensible to the Amiga. Depending on the type of file you're accessing, you'll want to use one of the converter utilities listed later in this article. A convenient solution for transferring Mac files to the Amiga is New Horizons / Central Coast Software's Mac-2-DOS ($99/95). The program comes with a small adapter that attaches to the Amiga's external drive port and accommodates a Mac-compatible drive.


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I own one of these machines and after reading the Diamond advert in your August 1992 edition on page 128 I was feeling rather III. Could you write some kind of soothing words to restore my lost faith in the machine, if not I might just do something drastic like get CD-I instead. Mark Smith Liverpool CDTV/CD-I I was infuriated to read the Diamond computing advert in your last issue, about the CDTV and CD-I unit. The advert suggested that the CDTV was dead and that the owners of the machine should trade them in for a CD-I. I have had my CDTV for just two months and am amazed by it. I am writing this letter on the machine at the same time as listening to a music CD. Try doing that on the CD-I unit! Secondly the CDTV has software If I were the editor of your magazine I would drop the Diamond advert because it doesn't do much for sales of your magazine. Graham J Dix High Wycombe Yes, bit of a naughty one that ad, wasn't it? But only if you believe there's any truth in the assertion that CD-I is better than CDTV. For an Amiga owner there's no choice really - more and more Amiga software will be appearing on CDTV. Actually, in this respect, Commodore is offering a better deal than Diamond - trade in your A500 for a CDTV with keyboard and disk drive for only £399.

Fonteer comes under the best-of-all-worlds category. It can help manage multiple font types for users and it also comes with its own packages for users to apply on their messages and notes.


The answer is used pro equipment. Why Pro Is Affordable The television and professional video- production industries are very dynamic. Every year there are new products that either make the existing gear obsolete or have that single extra feature that everyone has been waiting for. Because the competition can be very fierce, it is common to see post-production facili- ties practically giving away their used equipment in order to have the new stuff before their competitors. The result is a lot of available high-end video equipment at excellent prices. Buying used pro gear is not only a good way to be able to afford the equipment you need, but it also allows you to get your hands on much better gear than some of the latest consumer equipment available at higher prices. In video, it is very important to buy the best equipment you can afford. After all, the better the gear, the bet- ter the pictures you will get. The beauty of used pro equipment is that you will be buying today what was network-quality equipment yesterday. The best used pro gear still delivers incredible quality, sometimes equal to that of brand-new equipment.

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Also, is there a way of being able to boot from a choice of startup-sequences from my hard drive so I could choose 1/3 or 2/04? Steve Flambert Andover Hants I must say that I'm suprised with the problems you are having with Kickstart 2/04. I've been using Kickstart 2/0 in various versions for two years now, and it has got to the stage where I have delete my entire 1/3 partition from my machine as it never gets used. All the machines at our office now use Kickstart 2 (except a couple of very early CDTVs that need special ROMs), these machines are used very heavily full-time running more applications than our Bank Manager cares to remember, and I have to say that Kickstart 2/04 is one of the most stable operating systems I have used on any computer. There are problems with old (and some not so old) software. Many programs written before Kickstart 2/0 became available have since been updated, so it is worth checking with suppliers for information on this. There are known problems with DPaint 4 running under Kickstart 2/0 on an unacclerated Amiga (the palette editor will crash the machine after a few clicks). This is a bug, and has been fixed in version 4/1, available from Electronic Arts by the time you read this. I have never come across problems with Workbench 2/0 like the rumours you have described. It sounds as if someone is getting confused with the problem on the Amiga 3000/A2320 Display Enhancer where the top half line is not deinterlaced.

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Please don't suggest diagnostic disks because the Amiga might be working enough to load the disk. Chris Palmer Brighton East Sussex A hardware solution would be very expensive indeed, and would not really be necessary. A disk based diagnostic program would work fine, as once the diagnostic program had loaded it would be able to check all of the Amiga's functions, such as the disk drive and ports. This is certainly the cheapest way of doing this. I would suggest you look at some PD libraries to see if there Is such a program available. TS TOO BIG TO HANDLE My problem Is that I want to output a file In PostScript format using either Professional Page 2/1 or PageStream 2/1 so that I can transfer this file to a PC formatted disk and then print it out on a PostScript laser printer connected to a PC (which is 30 miles away). I have saved a Professional Page document to hard disk as a PostScript file, but If the document includes a bitmap graphic the PostScript file becomes too big to copy on to an 880k Amiga disk, let alone a 720K PC disk. So how do I get my PostScript file from the Amiga to the PC? And which PC program to I use to send the PostScript file to the laser printer? RS Jeffery Castle Donington Derby There are several ways, although the PC will need to have a hard drive whichever way you do it. The quickest and easiest way is by telephone, provided the Amiga and the PC both have a modem attached.


By Joel Hagen IF THERE ARE universal wishes among Amiga artists, one is probably for more color and higher resolution. The new AGA chip set goes part way toward granting that wish, and HAM 8 mode does have some unique advan- tages over any other color system. The standard of high-resolution color, how- ever, is the 24-bit universe of 16 million displayable colors. Ironically, the Amiga has not yet integrated 24-bit display into its operating environment as effec- tively as have the Mac and IBM PC platforms, but very good boards and software do exist that allow the Amiga artist to function at the 24-bil level. For painting, one of the best options avail- able is Centaur's OpalPaint. OpalPaint is included with the same company's OpalVision board. Opal- Paint installs to your hard drive from floppies, making it easy to upgrade. The board itself is installed in your Amiga and allows the computer to display 24-bit color. While a majority of readers may not have the Centaur package, you may find the typical OpalPaint session presented below a useful way to explore the whole con- cept of 24-bit painting. Also, the OpalVision board can be addressed by other programs, as well.

A relational database, on the other hand, is not so simple. It will consist of the same kinds of tables, but there will be a collection of perhaps many interrelated and linked tables thai depend in various ways on the other tables. The data you enter into a table is called an entity and the way one entity relates to another (perhaps in another table) is called a relationship. Good database design involves deciding which columns uniquely identify each row in a table. For example, in a school database, many students may have the same last name, so a column is created in the Student Table with a unique number assigned for each student. There may be more than one column that is necessary to identify each row uniquely, but the set of one or more columns that does this is called the Primary Key. The Student Table contains a primary key Studnum, the student number mentioned before. The Student Table may be related to a second table, Register which contains Studnum, Course and Section to track course registrations. The Studnum column is called a Foreign Key in the Register Table because it relates to a Primary Key in another table. These relationships when properly set up cause changes in one table to filter out and update all dependent tables.


Taking your advice from the July issue I sent off for a copy of VldeoLab to get started. I also enjoy using DeluxePalnt III and have produced some worthwhile animations. But how do I connect my computer setup to my video recorder? Do I have to use the A520 video adaptor or can I hook up with the monitor? Will I have to buy a suitable connector? I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Les Porter Pembroke Dyfed At its simplest, using your Amiga for video work involves recording Amiga graphics to video tape in between the other sections which you are putting together on your VCR. This means that you have to have both a source video and a recorder, as well as an Amiga. Connecting the video machines together can be as simple as connecting the audio and video inputs and outputs together correctly, but getting pictures from your Amiga is a little more complicated. Firstly, as only the early Amiga 1000s had a colour composite video output (which meant the computer could be connected to a VCR directly), you'll need some additional hardware to convert the RGB signal produced by the Amiga into a regular video signal. The most basic form for this is a modulator, which provides video and audio outputs that can be used with a VCR.

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Frankly I'd rather Shopper devoted a little more space to telling me how to make use of what I've got rather than suggesting 1,001 different ways to spend money I haven't got. I appreciate that Mr Smiddy did, In fact, devote his column to updating a previous program for 1/3 DOS, but he could have done it without the condescending introductory paragraph. Please Inform your staff that many of us are operating on far less than what they consider to be the minimum requirement for an Amiga system. Ade Rixon Warrington We try and draw a balance which is more heavily weighted to tips, advice and tutorials than new product reviews, but we can't ignore advances. However, you'll be pleased to know that next ish we're bringing you a 32 page Amiga Answers Special designed to help you get more from your machine. NO THIN ENDS HERE In Issue 15 page 56 Mark Smiddy devoted almost a whole column to a iint ma> na> i» 14 AMIGA SHOPPER • ISSUE 17 • SEPTEMBER 1992 LETTERS I CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT NOW. The following might save your readers some trouble. At one point I found that the internal disk drive in my Amiga was scratching and destroying disks. I removed, cleaned and replaced the recording head. Realignment was a bit of a fiddle but for a long time I kept having to repeat the realignment at frequent intervals, although there was no obvious fault - it became such a nuisance that I was on the point of buying a replacement drive.


Instead of a single block of data, files have two "forks," known as the data fork and the resource fork. Most applica- tions store their information in the data fork. A few store useful information in the resource fork. Without a way to select which "fork" you want to load, you can't access every file on some Macintosh CD-ROMs. Xetec's software lets you easily choose the data or resource forks by appending the sub- and super-script "1" and "2" characters to the filename you enter in any Amiga program's file requester to distinguish diem. There are new features for audio, too. Inserting a music compact disc into a CD-ROM drive makes a "CDDA" icon appear on the Workbench. A simple double-click starts the music playing. For programmers, most of Xetec's software includes an ARexx scripting interface. It also provides an even lower-level programming interface to read CDs at the block and bit level from within your own programs.

I've had a quick look, and there are only three lB78s. The first one has a 01 byte after it, the second has FE after it, and the third has 00 after it. Not sure what the second one is, but the first looks like NLQ ON and the third looks like NLQ OFF. So if you change the first to 1B28 (and overwrite the following 01 with another IB, so it gets ignored by the printer), and then change the third 1B78 to whatever your manual says is the code to switch NLQ off (overwriting the following 00 with a IB), you might just have a driver which works properly with your PW- 1080A. But remember to work on a copy of the printer driver so you can revert to the original when it all goes wrong! JW WHICH WP 1 "^B I have been using 1 Kind Words 2 for a long time now, and may I say what an excellent program it is, but I am considering upgrading to Pen Pal or Wordworth. I write a lot and I need some particular functions, and this Is where you can help. Firstly I require a word count facility. The next functions I need are Just plain punctuation features, namely a dash - It is a common mistake to use the minus sign as a dash, it makes a fine hyphen but Is not long enough for a proper dash * and proper quotation marks; the quotation marks I get with KlndWords are simply two straight lines, I want the curly ones with blobs on them. But it does not end there, the second quotation mark should be Inverted. These rules also apply to the apostrophe.


A Like all laser printers, the StarScript is a page printer. One page is printed at a time, not as a series of horizontal lines, but all at once. The printer uses its own memory to store an image of the page as it is sent by the computer. Once the whole image has been received, the printer puts it on to the paper using much the same mechanism as a photocopier. The advantage is that laser printers don't suffer from banding, the distortion in vertical spacing between lines caused by inaccuracies in the paper feed mechanism of line printers. Also, because laser printers use expensive toner cartridges instead of ribbons, their output tends to be much cleaner and even. Neither are there any problems with wet ink smudging, as may be experienced by ink jet owners. The printer's resolution is 300 dots per inch. This isn't bad, although the composite dots can be seen in text at a large point size. You may be surprised to find that the resolution is lower than some dot matrix and most ink jet printers, which, if used with the correct printer driver, can yield up to 360 dots per inch.

Sometimes people just want the ability to store memories and reminders of text on pictures that they view from time to time. WhatTheFont allows users to capture the fonts that they like.


Full text of "Amiga World Magazine (September 1994)"

The information comes from a message posted on Usenet, the international electronic mail network, and is allegedly posted by a third party developer for Commodore US which is beta testing the products. Two new Amigas are detailed, the Amiga 4000 and the Amiga 'Classic', otherwise known as the A800. The information seems plausible, but we cannot verify it because the machines are covered by Non- Disclosure Agreements. It is certain though that new Amigas are expected. The A4000, a machine to be introduced above the A3000, is said to be based around Motorola's latest central processing unit, the 68040. Along with the other new machine, it boasts new graphics and sound chips, dubbed the 'AA' chip set, and version 2/1 of Kickstart, also currently in beta test. Expandable to 64Mb of Fast RAM and 16Mb of Chip RAM (memory accessible by the graphics and sound chips), the A4000 comes with 16Mb Fast RAM, 4Mb Chip RAM and a 105Mb Quantum hard disk. Its floppy disk is a high density device (giving twice the capacity of a normal floppy) but, unlike some high density floppy drives available with the A3000, this is not achieved by cutting its speed. The other machine is set to replace the out-dated A1500/A2000 range. Based on a 16MHz 68030 processor, it has variously been called the A800 or the Classic, but given that 'Classic' is registered to Apple and Kelly Sumner has denied all knowledge of an A800, neither of these names are to be taken too literally.

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The Fonts Editor Font Styling App utilizes a user-friendly business model. It contains multiple types of themes that can be used to apply custom skins for multiple third-party apps.


These include Invoice and Accounts Receivable details and summaries, a trend report, and a register of current invoices. You can base these reports on all invoices or only on unpaid invoices, which makes it easier to see at a glance who hasn't paid yet. If you need to find a specific item, you can search by invoice number or by a string of text from the Bill To or Ship To fields. Unfortunately, you can't search for a nu- meric amount, such as an invoice whose total was, say, $115. Two versions of the program are in- cluded on the distribution disk, one for 512Kuscrs and another for those having a megabyte or more of RAM. The dif- ferences are in the maximum number of customers and reports supported — 1000 with the 512K version and 5000 with 1MB. There is a maximum reporting period of 20 years for both versions. Carry the Nought When initially configuring Invoice-It, you can set up two different tax rates — state and city, for instance. Canadian res- idents can also have their taxes com- pound or not, according to the specifications of their local tax laws. You can have the tax structure default to ap- plying either tax, both taxes, or neither to your sales, and you can change this for individual invoices.

The whole set-up procedure takes only about five minutes. Finally, you can install the software — including the touch-screen driver, calibration pro- gram, and on/off controls — onto vour hard disk. The Touch Frame itself blends in completely with the monitor. It performs its work by means of a grid of infrared sensors mounted along the inside perimeter of the frame. Place your fin- ger on the screen, and the position where the beam is interrupted is trans- lated into an X,Y mouse coordinate, to which the pointer then moves. The Amiga's operating system reacts as if you had moved the mouse and pressed the left mouse button. Removing your finger from the screen is the equivalent of re- 22 October 1993 R E V I E VI S leasing the left mouse button. You can emulate right mouse-button commands by holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard and touching the screen. The infrared grid tracks ringer movements quite accurately and quicklv, but the res- olution is obviously not as fine as that of a mouse. The only software setup, beyond copying a few files to the system, emails running the calibration program.


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Nokia S60 Series phone Softwares. S60 v3 tidak semudah pada ponsel S60 v2 dengan sistem Symbian OS versi dibawahnya. Koleksi terbaru Symbian Font Loobster Full Symbian S60v3/S60v5 adalah font TTF new tentang Font Melota Full Symbian, silahkan download filenya. Ihint and ibenk all of This font is unicode(support bb text, simbol, kaomoji, autotext) [HOST] v7x by ihint [HOST] v8, 4 by ihint Flash Via CWM. NOTIFICATION OF LICENSE AGREEMENTYou have obtained this font software either directly from Linotype GmbH or together with software distributed by one of Linotype's [HOST] font software is a valuable asset of Linotype GmbH. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Diawal kemunculannya Nokia E63 termasuk salah satu ponsel ber-os Symbian S60 v 3 yang berada.

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Upgradable from 1 / 2 to 4 megs. Internal fitting - invalidates warranty unless filled by us. Filling charge £10/00 plus postage. Also available for Amiga 500 1/3. Please state machine when ordering. ZYDEC 1SMEG A500 UPGRADE fully populated £75/99 AMIGA 1500/2000 8 MEG RAM CARD (unpop) £79/99 ^SALES 0274- 691115 C TRILOGIC 1992. E&OE Prices charged are those current on"" the day you order -occasionally, some may have change either way since this advertisement was compleled (10/7/92) ORDERS FROM PLCs, LOCAL GOVERNMENT & EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS WELCOME. EDUCATION TAKE CONTROL Wilf Rees shows you how to put your Amiga in charge of its own actions and now Micro French can give a little bit of / savoir faire' Control covers many aspects of computer applications, indeed any peripheral connected to a computer which is controlled from the keyboard falls under this category. This month I am going to start a two part article on using your Amiga along with the I/O port and accessories available from Switchsoft. Equipment for control on the Amiga is a little thin on the ground, so I couldn't resist following up the advert which appears each month in Amiga Shopper, describing Swltchsoft's I/O Port showing the two D' connectors going to the parallel port and joystick ports. The phono connectors provide facilities for an assortment of applications Switchsoft's I/O port.


Avoid the cheap IBM tape systems, which are likely to be incom- patible, and look instead for Macintosh drives. The least expensive are the streaming-tape drives, such as Com- modore's 3070 (S699, but now discontinued), or New Horizon 's Touchdown 100 tape system (S499/95). These units store up to 250MB on a single tape, at speeds of up to 5MB per minute. Using the Touchdown drive, I was able to back up a 100MB partition in about 16 min- utes, and restore the same partition in about 19 minutes. While it only took about a minute to restore a single file near the beginning of the tape, it took almost 16 min- utes to restore five files scattered at various points on the tape. I also found the tape drive to be much noisier than other removable media devices, A newer tape back-up technology uses a computer grade of Digital Audio Tape (DAT) technology to get much more data on much smaller tapes. White the 4mm DAT drives may cost up to twice as much as the older streamers, they can get over 2GB of data on a single tape that costs about $17. They are also much quicker and quieter than the older models. A typi- cal example is the Archive Python drive (S750) from Moonlighter Software (the company also sells the Viper streaming-tape drive for S800). Using the Pvthon, I was able to back up a 100MB hard-drive partition in under 10 minutes, and restore it in un- der 1 3 minutes.

If you're looking for a well-designed and powerful program to generate sophisti- cated graphics based on data in spread- 16 October 1993 REV E VV S sheet format, Charts & Graphs may be your solution. While most spreadsheets do offer a limited ability to chart the results of data, they mainly focus on data entry and manipulation. Charts & Graphs, as- suming that such spade work has been performed, focuses on creating a flexible and appealing presentation of your data. Great Grids Equipped with a well-written manual that bristles with numerous tutorials and accompanying graphics, Charts & Graphs is a complete chart package. Three comprehensive tutorials guide you through all the basic functions, from entering your data to adjusting axis at- tributes. You'll find you can generate dozens of variations in presenting your data to suit your audience. Charts & Graphs allows you to use IFF images and brushes as backdrops and data markers. Need a chart that displays computer sales in the Midwest? If so, use little computers stacked on top of each other and laid over a map of the Great Lakes area. Creating legends requires nothing more than selecting thai option from die menu, and picking a font, color, and style, from the requester.


The accompanying program not only accesses the drive, but also converts a variety of Mac file formats to Amiga-compatible formats. Generally, Mac-2-DOS is the best and most cost-effective Mac/Amiga sneakernet. To get much more than simple access to Mac disks, A-Max, A-Max II Plus, and Emplant hardware/soft- ware combinations are full-fledged emulators that per- mit you to run Mac software on your Amiga. A-Max provides a disk-drive port to connect a standard Apple drive. A-Max II Plus allows your Amiga's internal drives to function like Mac drives. The original A-Max (now discontinued) also can write a limited disk format that is compatible with Amiga and Mac. Unfortunately, this Mini Transfer disk format holds only 272K of infor- mation, a real pain with large files. Emplant enables you to create Mac-formatted partitions in unused Amiga hard-drive partitions (although only up to 31MB each), as well as to connect Mac hard drives to the board (formatted to their maximum capacities). Getting Data On-Line Disk incompatibility is swept away when you are down- loading data from an electronic information service. Your Amiga will download whatever you request with- out regard for the computer it came from.

If no texture is applied, the object will still show its attributes. All attributes are assigned in A4D's "Attributes List Requester", and all attributes may be set to change over time. A separate requester is used to tell A4D what additional texture (bit-mapped or procedural) to assign to the object. As desired, textures can be wrapped in a variety of ways, and they can be bump maps, genlocked, decaled, and more. Textures used as backgrounds are set in a special background requester, though the texture itself is listed in the all-round texture list. Moving A4D Backgrounds The Moving Textures frames are perfect for A4D, and simple to apply to a background. A4D doesn't really make a 38 Amazing Computing caring distinction whether you want a picture or a single-framed series of pictures as your background, and it even has a special anti-aliasing feature that makes the best use of smaller sized frames so that almost any image looks its best when applied. To apply a Moving Textures frame to an Aladdin-4D background, choose "background" from the "View" requester. When the TXList comes up, select "Add", and then click on "Control" and "Member Control" respectively. This brings up the detailed Texture Control screen.


There are three further options which may be selected. The first is Using the scanner is simplicity itself. Go to the preview screen, which gives you a dithered grey scale interpretation of the image at a low resolution. This enables you to crop the image. Memory requirements are given for different resolutions and numbers of colours. Once you've selected the area you're interested in, move to the scan window, click on the button and the scanner does the rest is available from the screen - there's no need whatsoever to touch the hardware except to place pictures on the bed. Scanning is divided into two brightness, which is self-explanatory. Setting gamma correction will alter the balance of light and dark tones to produce the optimum scan for either a monitor or one of several types of printer. Selecting colour correction will do the same thing for the relationship between colours. After that, a click on the Accept button sets things in motion.

On top of these, PageStream supports text prepared with the IstWord and Rediger word processors, and Professional Page also supports KindWords, Scribble, TextCraft, TextCraft Plus, TransWrite and PC WordPerfect. Professional Page comes with its own 'article editor', called AE, which is basically a version of the TransWrite word processor with the printing features removed. There is a 'hotlink' between AE and Professional Page, so to alter a section of text all you need to do is mark it as a block, press LeftAmiga- /, and AE loads with your highlighted text ready for editing. When you've finished another LeftAmiga-/ sends the text 'home' to Professional Page, into the exact same place on the page it came from. This hotlink between AE and Professional Page works well and means that you do not need to buy a separate word processor and spelling checker for preparing and editing text, but Professional Page itself has a simple built-in text editor should you wish to change text directly on the page; it works quite slowly, however. PageStream does not come with a program with which to prepare text, so you will need a word processor if you don't want to use PageStream's built-in text editor which, like the one in Professional Page, works slowly. This text editor does include a spelling checker, but it is so slow that I can't imagine anyone wanting to use it for anything but checking the spelling of very small sections of text. There is, incidentally, «jg a brand new package available, HotLinks, which provides a text editor that links to PageStream like AE links to Professional Page. For more info on this, check out last month's issue of Amiga Shopper. Saxon Publisher doesn't come with a text preparation program either.


Consisting of 10 new tools and updates of the AnimLen and LassoSel tools from Volume 1, Volume 2 offers a wealth of new possibilities to Aladdin 4D owners. One of the most useful new tools, and one which affects all aspects of working with Aladdin and Cenie Tools, is Hotkeys. Hotkeys allows you to assign menu functions, gadgets and even external programs to keypresses. The hotkeys editor makes it easj to configure these keys, and any qualifiers you wish, such as left or right shift, alt, and Amiga keys. It's hard to express just how much Hotkeys can improve your productivity'. Triangles is a tool for subdividing rectangles and triangles. Unlike Aladdin's Triangle tool, this version can be told to only subdivide degenerate polys. As you know, degenerate polys are often created in the course of modeling, and cause rendering problems unless turned into triangles. GenieTools' smart triangles can save astonishing amounts of ram by only subdividing those degenerate polvs which need to he converted to triangles. For instance, the Mobius strip object (figures 1 and 2) was over a third smaller when using the GenieTools Triangles.

Let's look at a few techniques that you should un- derstand before you go out take your pictures. Most video production is done with more than one camera. If you can't afford additional cameras, don't worry: You can fake it. Think of a simple scene in which a salesman is Hying to make a sale. He knocks on the door, the customer answers the door, they talk, and he leaves. If everything was shot with one camera from the same position, this would be a very boring ex- change. But by moving the camera to different posi- tions and then editing at the right points, you can help the action flow. Overlapping the action is a technique that can real- ly change the look of your work. It requires that you shoot the scene with the technique in mind. In our salesman example, if you shoot the scene from more than one angle, you'll get both sides of the conversa- tion. It will allow you to show facial expressions and give the scene a much better flow.


A BUNCH OF LEMMINGS The Talking Shop column in issue 16 about the A600 and Commodore in general really got on my ribs. Just because Commodore brings out the A600 and stops producing the A500 everyone seems to think it Is the end of the Amiga. So many of the letters I have read gave me the impression that the writer was going to do a Lemming! Anyone remember the Plus 4, C16 and CBM 128? Total flops brought out by Commodore as the next step forward. You have to remember that with the bad you get the good. The Vic 20, the CBM 64, brilliant for its time, and now the Amiga. The Amiga was such a major advancement from the CBM 64, but the A600 is not the next step up. It is not technically superior. The A500 has not yet reached its peak, there are a good 5-10 years left in the old girl yet. You don't think the third party developers are going to chuck all their A500 goodies and start producing A600-only goods, when there must be less than 10,000 A600s in the UK homes, if that.

Robin Little Lanark Scotland You're in luck! A Teletext adaptor is available for the Amiga In the form of MicroText. It's available for £143/50 from MicroText tr 0705 595694. If you're after a hard drive, then you won't go far wrong with a GVP Impact Series 2 drive. Available in either 52 or 105Mb configurations, the GVP drives are some of the fastest and most capable drives available for the Amiga. The basic 52Mb GVP drive costs £380 and is available from Silica Systems » 081 309 1111. JH chance of them helping you out if you have problems. Only buy from box shifters if you are prepared to sort these problems out yourself. Commodore has better things to do than make up for the lack of support given by many dealers. And a quick way to execute two different startup-sequences for different versions of Kickstart.


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Most of the new DAT drives support the SCSI-2 specification, which includes a "fast search" command for tape drives. As a result, the same five files that took 16 minutes to restore from the streamer look only about a minute to restore from the DAT. Iffinding a single file quickly is high on your list of priorities, you will undoubtedly want a drive (and controller) that is SCSI-2 compliant. REMOVABLE MEDIA - I The top-of-the-line Exabyte EXB-8500 (S2700) is of special interest to those involved in video work. This tape drive holds over 5GB on a single 8mm tape (the same size used in 8mm video), enough for about five minutes worth of video frames, uncompressed. Even with this huge capacity, it takes less than five minutes to selectively restore a file from almost anywhere on the tape. Standard tape backup is not its only function, though. Digital disk recorders such as the Abekas A65 use the Exabyte tape drive to store digital video data, and ASDG sells a driver that allows you to store 24-bit im- ages directly to Exabyte tape in this format. Tiiis means that you can render a sequence of frames with a 3-D program like NewTek's LightWave, store them on tape, take that tape to a studio that has an Abekas dig- ital disk recorder, and lay the images off to whatever videotape format you want. For an hour of studio time (at a cost of about SI 50), you can lay off from one to two minutes of video with true digital quality.

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Many such companies accept the huge files these images re- quire on either the 44 or 88MB SyQuest cartridges. SyQuest's most recent entry, the SQ3105, uses a 3/5- inch mechanism and cartridge that resemble miniature versions of the originals. Despite the reduced size, this drive is much quieter than previous models (which tended to clunk rather loudly >, is somewhat faster, holds 105MB per cartridge, and costs nearly the same (around S700) as the combination 88/44MB drive. What this unit gains in speed and size, however, it loses in compatibility, since the cartridges for die old- er drives are larger than the entire 105MB drive. Along with the familiar SCSI version, the SyQuest 105 is also available with an IDE interface (model SQ3105A, around S700). We were unable to obtain an 1 1)K version for testing, hut SyQuest engineers have tested the drive with Amigas and some third-party host adapters. They Found direct compatibility with ICD's TriFecta and AdIDE adapters, and with Expansion Sys- tems' DataFlyer: Pre'spect Technics also claims com- patibility with its IDE controller. Because the engi- neers Found the A4000's internal drive controller to be incompatible with the 3105A, they have created a spe- cial ROM to ensure compatibility (it was in Beta test- ing at die time of this writing). If you purchase a3105A for use with the A4000, you'll need to get a replace- ment ROM direct from SyQuest — unless the drive you buy is already configured for the Amiga 4000. Although SyQuest is the most recognizable name in the removable-media market, it wasn't the first to mar- ket cartridge drives.

Keywords: Download Aplikasi Symbian s60v2 s60v3 s60v5 java Download aplikasi symbian s60v3, s60v5, s60v2 game nokia, terbaru. LicenseGARAGEFONTSPhil's Fonts/GarageFonts End User License AgreementSoftware means the computer program contained in this package (which may include digitally encoded, machine readable, scalable outline font data as encoded in special format), together with all codes, techniques, software tools, formats, designs, concepts, methods and ideas associated with the computer program and. Ad Pro LT Std Font See preview ad pro lt std font and download this cool font for free. Download apps to your Symbian mobile phone directly or via computer. Download and install lang po tapos run then kayo na po mag add ng speed. Roman Sehrer, a seasoned German advertising professional, has digitized his handwriting to create a family of three fonts to meet your free-feeling and lai. Subscribe us for latest tips and tricks.


To calculate any block reference from track, cylinder and sector information you use the following formula. Note AmigaDOS numbers the first track one, not zero: Block = (track+l)*22+(side*l) +sector MS ACCELERATORS AND RAM HI am considering buying a VXL-30 accelerator for my A1500, but I have been told that the 32-blt RAM board Is not available. I also own a 105MB GVP Impact II hard disk with 2Mb of 16-bit RAM on board. Would It be possible to replace the 16-bit RAM with 32-blt RAM Instead, and would the VXL-30 recognise it as 32-bit RAM? I have seen an advert for the A386SX brldgeboard, would the VXL-30 speed the brldgeboard up at all? Also, would it recognise a PC super VGA card plugged into one of the A1500's PC slots, and if so, would I need a MultiSync monitor to display the screen? Robert Downs Blackpool Lanes It is not possible to replace your 16- bit RAM on the GVP card with 32-bit RAM. The reason for this is that the GVP card is a 16-bit card, as it interfaces with the 16-bit 68000 processor in your A1500. The only way to add 32-bit RAM to an Amiga 1500/2000 is to add an accelerator card with 32-bit RAM on board. The problem lies in the fact that your A1500 is a 16-bit computer, and when you add an accelerator such as a 68020 or 68030, you suddenly have a 32-bit processor.

One megabyte will probably sort this little problem out, but if you are using PageStream regularly I'd recommend you go for as much more memory as you can afford. JW TELLING FIBS My Amiga Is not formatting disks to a full 880K. I've tried various programs such as X-Copy, CU-Mate and Workbench, but every time the disks are formatted with exactly 856928 bytes. My external drive does the same, so it can't be a fault in the internal drive. When I use INFO from CLI, it says the disk has 880K, CU-Mate says it's not. When I try to copy an 860K file I get a disk full message. Kevin Howell Brlsllngton, Bristol AMIGA SHOPPER • ISSUE 1 7 • SEPTEMBER 1992 47 mm. This is a complex one to give a short answer to, but very briefly - there is nothing whatsoever wrong with your equipment, it just works like that. The long answer goes something like this. There are two mainstream DOS Shells for the Amiga - the official one now at version 2; and the ARP (AmigaDOS Replacement Project) DOS created by the Microsmiths. Both of these have an INFO function, but return different and often confusing values for the amount of free space on a disk.


At PHONEKY, you will find many other apps and games of different genres, from Education and Entertainment to the Security and Navigation Symbian S60 3rd, S60 5th and Symbian Belle apps. In order to use the voice download, click the Free Download button on the page. United States: San Diego. Spam Killer is SMS firewall that kills spam and junk messages before they reach your inbox thus filtered messages do not disturb you. Changing Fonts On S60 3rd Edition Devices Nokia S. So don't wast time, jsut follow the procedure here at Hack S60 V3 And S60 V5 Mobiles. By clicking download and downloading the Font, You agree to our Terms and Conditions of Usage.

Miinking back to the early days of the X Amiga, who can ever forget the lush, unprecedented color graphics and the jaw-dropping quality of die video? But all that goodness was marred by pathetically inaccurate and distorted printing. Hard copies were usually cnide, grainy pixelizations or else streaked with thin, white horizontal lines, called band- ing. This weakness threatened to exclude Amiga users from the burgeoning desk- top-publishing revolution. Fortunately, shareware programmers came lo the res- cue and quickly filled the public-domain channels with custom printer drivers diat created high-quality output worthy of the computer. Careful Drivers Commodore made up for its early neg- ligence with some fine printer drivers, but the shareware creators continued to hone their skills until one fine program outgrew its public-domain origins. Studio Printer is the updated commer- cial version of the old Wolf Faust printer-driver collection. The package is the best and most comprehensive solution to date for most printer-driver problems. Studio is a total printing package that contains drivers for all popular printers, supporting all the internal typefaces and 20 (ktobfi 1993 K E V E W 8 die highest resolutions available. It drives everything from obscure dot- matrix machines to speedy 24- and 48- pin printers.


Which, after all, is what we're here for. JW NO WAY DOWN I have a MicroLlne U83A 9-pin printer, and when it prints the letters 'p\ 'y' and 'g' it leaves off the bottom part of the letter so that 'p' looks like an 'o' and 'y' like a 'u'. I don't know whether my printer head is damaged or I'm using the wrong driver. I've used generic, Okidata, Okimate and Epson drivers from the Extras disk to no avail. MA Hawes Newport Gwent Yup, the head's knackered. I think you'll find it'll be cheaper to buy a new printer than get that old MicroLine fixed. You could do a lot worse than replacing it with the Star LC-200, for which there is a proper Amiga printer driver, written specifically for the LC-200, on Jamdisk 5 (from JAM on 0895 274449). JW WORKBENCH 2 FAILURE "1 I have bought Workbench 2. I own an A1500 with GVP Series II hard drive and 4Mb of extra RAM. I installed AMIGA SHOPPER • ISSUE 1 7 • SEPTEMBER 1 992 37 mm. JARGON BUSTING • JARGON BUSTING Hard drive - Like a floppy drive, but much bigger and faster. Also, its disk cannot be removed.

Each drive only has one set of heads, and once these are parked it's safe. Incidently, A590s are now supplied with SCSI drives that do autopark. Any SCSI drives you buy to add on to the A590 as external drives will autopark, so you shouldn't ever have to worry about changing the Park setup. JR DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE Has anyone at Commodore realised what problems the lack of a numeric keyboard on the A600 is likely to cause? A lot of existing software already utilises the numeric keypad for some functions. Flight simulators use it to get different views and more Importantly, Deluxe Paints perspective feature is totally Inoperable. Richard Lane Dixons Colchester Looks like you spotted the deliberate mistake there, Richard! Come back A500 Plus - all is forgiven. Although this is mentioned in the manuals, I wonder if Commodore can justify this? MS UPGRADABIUTY HI used to own an A500 and had it for five years.

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However, due to limited space I am having lots of problems with the TV modulator. The obvious solution would be to have a cable from the back of the computer to the modulator and an extended audio lead, thus the modulator could be placed out of sight. Could you either tell me where I could get a suitable cable, or give me instructions on how to make one up? Could you also tell me where I can obtain the Amiga Basic language which used to come with WorkBench 1/3? PB Cooper Macclesfield Cheshire There's another obvious solution to your modulator problems - get a bigger desk! But seriously, if you want an extender cable you'll simply need to call Trilogic (« 0274 691115) and ask for a Modulator Extension Lead. The company usually advertises in Amiga Shopper. AmigaBasic is no longer available since WB2 was issued. I suppose it was getting rather long in the tooth, and it wasn't all that thrilling in the first place. Out of curiosity, I dug my old 1/3 Extras disk out and tried to run a few Basic programs, but no dice!

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Video switchers also used to be expen- sive, with very few models costing less than today's Video Toaster, while offer- ing only a fraction of its features. Some items, however, do offer great savings, such as audio mixers, edit controllers, tripods, and microphones. These units haven't changed much over the past few years and don't suffer a lot of wear. Monitors, although there are bargains to be had, are a different story. Picture tubes wear out with use and tend to lose their sharpness. Only buy used monitors when you know that they have not been used much or if they have been serviced recently. Oth- erwise, save your money and buy new. The same applies to test equipment, such as waveform monitors and vec- torscopes. They are only useful if prop- erly calibrated and with sharp tubes. How to Look, Where to Look Buying used video equipment of any kind requires caution.


This app contains multiple font style packs that give users the ability to apply these font skins to their devices. The highlights of this app are explained below.

In- stead of being connected to your printer, the paral- lel port is occupied by the ParNET cable. There are several solutions to this problem, depending on your hardware and budget. By far the least expensive so- lution is to add a switch box and another cable for a cost of about 530. Get a cable with a DB-25 connector on each end with the proper gender to connect to the parallel port on the host system, and the common or input connector on the switch box. Connect the print- er cable you had been using to one of the switch-box outputs and your ParNET cable to the client's parallel port and the other switch-box port. With a flick of the switch you can connect the host machine to the print- er or connect the two computers through the ParNET cable. To protect your systems, make certain that the switch in your box is the break-before-make type, or that you switch only when power is off on both ma- chines. If you need to print a file from the client computer, you will have to copy that file to a physical disk drive {not the RAM disk), and then print it from the host computer after rebooting. The reason is that ParNET takes over the parallel port completely, so that it is no longer available for the printerdevice to use. Of course, if your printer has both parallel and serial interfaces, you could connect the serial port of the client computer to the serial input of the printer, and you would be in business.


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Select "About" from your Workbench menu. If your Kickstart is 37/299, then you cannot without replacing your Kickstart also. If your Kickstart is version 37/300 then you are theoretically able to simply plug an IDE drive in. This is not recommended, as you will invalidate your guarantee. Commodore will be producing an Upgrade kit that will allow you to add a drive to your Amiga. Ring Commodore on » 0628 770088 for further information. TS PAGESTREAM STRIKES You will find attached a letter I want to publish to my diving club. As you can see, part of the text is missing. It doesn't print like this all the time, there have been times when the first sheet prints OK but subsequent sheets are faulty. I use PageStream and Protext on my Amiga 500 Plus. It Is expanded to 2Mb, has a second drive, and my printer is a Star LC24- 200.

Jika dilihat lebih jauh, terdapat perbedaan file-file pada folder font. Best Screen Snap Software For Your Symbian S60 V3 Posted by Sakib Hossen Posted on AM No comments Today we are share to you best screen snap software to your symbian mobile. Using Lite – Font Zoomer you can replace system font and change size and space between characters. Nga linga dance cover girl group singers borderlands game save hack ferrari brothers body shop monrovia hinh ve sakura de thuong erik dreesen gestorben zeichen ransom open letter Nonsymmetric gravitation style mp3 hartys quay apartments to rent titanic 2 full Bimetric theories pictus catfish male or female marijuana chris pratt workout. Hello GUYS remember me yeah some member of xda know me who people spamming the Forum FORGET IT Here I will Share font By master. My main mono font (Liberation Mono), lets me see comfortably 51 lines in a full screen terminal on a " laptop. Home Cellphones and Mobile NOKIA MOBILE PHONE APPS-Mega Pack Apps S60 v3 More Of Apps NOKIA MOBILE PHONE APPS-Mega Pack Apps S60 v3 More Of Apps Leave a Reply.


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MacroSystem Development's WarpEngine 3040 (top) and 4040 (bottom) offers substantial improved performance. Other Versions The WarpEngine comes in 28MHz ($1150) and 33MHz ($12^) versions, which are upgradable to 40MHz. It will reportedly be upgradable to the '060 when that starts shipping. There is a version for the 4000 which allows you to transplant the existing '040 chip and motherboard RAM for up to a two-fold increase in perfor- mance ($N l W) Soon to be released i - the 50MI 1/ '0 W Impulsl ngirw for the 3000. This will double system performance and is expected to sell on the street for under $500. Trade-in Offers MacroSystem Development offers some very generous trade- in opportunities for owners of competing products. You can get a 40MHz WarpEngine for $600 if you trade-in a GVP G-Force '040. S500 and a Progressive '040 will get you one too, as will $950 and a Fastlane, 4091 SCSI, DKB 3128, RCS X-Calibur, or 3640 (the A4000- 040 CPU card). Conclusion A4000 owners will realize substantial performance improve- ment, but A3000 owners will be taking a quantum leap forward. Whether you use your Amiga for 3D rendering, desktop publish- ing, 2D graphics, or any other purpose, you won't be sorry after installing a WarpEngine in your machine.

While this is less than a new S-VHS edit deck, this one-inch machine delivers a much better picture and is true broad- cast-quality. For the same price you can also Find a Sony BVH 1 100, a real industry workhorse. Both these decks are editing VTRs and are capable of single-Frame recording. One thing to be careful about when buying one-inch VTRs is that you should look For machines that play and record in the "C" format. These are usually called "type C" VTRs, which became the standard several years ago after a format war with "type B" clecks. Betacam was the first popular tys-inch broadcast Format. It was replaced by Betacam SP, which delivers an even better picture. However, the original Betacam is quite good, still much better than S-VHS, and it's still being used by many TV stations. Mil is another high- quality V2-inch broadcast format used by television networks and many high- end production facilities. When new, VTRs of these formats used to cost around $35,000.


The problem with on-line files is data-compression technology. To maximize storage space and minimize download times, most on-line files are compressed us- ing a variety of largely free/shareware programs. On the Amiga, the common compression programs are Arc, LZH, LHArc, and Zoo. You'll need all of these to become an expert Amiga downloadcr/decompressor. Most decompression programs are easy to use from the CLI. As a convenience, however, I prefer to use them with commercial file-management programs such as Progressive Peripherals' Disk Master II ($69/95) or INOVAtronics' Directory Opus ($59/95). Both pro- grams allow you to link data-compression programs to on-screen buttons. Click the file and then the appro- priate button, and the utility automatically decom- presses the program. It eliminates the tedium of typ- ing commands in the CLI and is a real time-saver when you've just completed a marathon download session. EG FREE/SHAREWARE The good news is that one shareware compression pro- gram reigns on the PC — PKZip — and, happily, there is 36 October 1993 CROSS-PLATFORM C M P li T 1 X G a version of it available for the Amiga: PKAZip.

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Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusions of limitations of incidental, consequential or special damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. Also, some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusions of implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, so the above limitations may not apply to you. To the greatest extent permitted by law, any implied warranties not effectively excluded by the Agreement are limited to ninety (90) days. Some jurisdictions do not permit a limitation of implied warranties where the product results in physical injury or death so that such limitations may not apply to you.


DraCo Amiga Clone MacroSystem GmbH of Wirt en, Ger- many is announced the development of their own video and graphics workstation named DraCo. Based on the Motorola 68060, this powerful machine will ship in the Spring of 1995. For operating systems the Amiga OS will be standard and UNIX and UNIX clone support is expected. Development and production of DraCo are not depen- dent upon the current Commodore situation, as this computer is custom chipset independent. Any software program which runs on Amiga graphic boards like the Retina and the Picasso will work in DraCo. This includes Lightwave, AdPro, Image F/X, Imagine, Bars and Pipes Pro and most every other professional software package. Hardware compatibility is the function of the five Zorro II slots, These slots allow use of the Toccata, Emplant, Ethernet, VLab Y/C and most other hardware boards. Hardware that requires the custom chip set won't run In DraCo. This includes 880K floppies, genlocks, and the Toaster. Pricing is yet to be deter- mined but It will be available in numer- ous memory and hard drive configura- tions and will be comparable in price to a similarly equipped A4000- NoahJi's, 3591 Nyland Way.

But this is not my immediate problem. The need to write to you is with concern over my laser printer. I have bought a Panasonic KX-P4430 as a substitute to my KX-P1124 dot- matrix, and I cannot get a full A4 print-out from the machine. I am using an Amiga 500 with extra memory and hard drive, running Workbench 2. 1 can get the full A4 If I use the never very highly rated KlndWords, however when I use Professional Page I can only get down to about 25cm from the top of the page. Anything below this is left off. I am aware that most laser printers indicate the need for a large margin, and had I not been getting full A4 from a LaserJet III I would probably not have considered a laser printer at all. Can you please give me an answer, enabling me to get full A4 from Professional Page? Enclosed Is a list of the settings I am using plus samples of test work that indicate the problem. DM Vaughan Radley Oxon Firstly, PageSetter II documents cannot be loaded into Professional Page. Despite the many similarities, there are several things that work quite differently, which all ends up with the file formats being incompatible.


But while Kelly is convinced the prices of memory cards will drop to affordable levels, I'm not so sure. You're currently looking at paying MAGNETIC PAGES There are thousands of Amiga programs which are available for little more than the price of a disk. And many more which allow you to try We software free before you buy. Each month in Public Domain World we examine the best of these programs and explain how to get hold of them. This month we focus on a new PD spell-checker, a touch typing tutor and an authoring package for designing your own diskzines. Public Domain World or the low-cost low-down as we call it this month, starts on page 128 around £70 for one of these little beauties and who's going to develop software with that as a unit overhead. OK, say mass economies bring the price down by half in a year or so - it's still a helluva lot of dosh. Compare it to the unit price of mastering a CD- ROM - around 70p - and you'll see what I mean. So I put my money on the memory card slot being used as a port for new hard disks, RAM expansions, FAX/modems and the like. Anyway, these are indeed exciting times for the Amiga range and I'm sure '92 will go down as a more significant year than '85 - which is when it all began.

You may not alter Font (original site) Software for the purpose of adding any functionality which such Font Software did not have when delivered to you by MTI. If the Font (navigate to this website) Software contains embedding bits that limit the capabilities of the Font Software, you may not change or alter the embedding bits. Font Software may not be used to create or distribute any electronic document in which the Font Software, or any part thereof, is embedded in a format that permits editing, alterations, enhancements, or modifications by the recipient of such document. If you have reason to believe that a recipient of an electronic document possesses the capability to edit, alter, enhance, or modify such electronic document even though you have distributed it in a format which does not permit such editing, alteration, enhancement, or modification, you shall not transmit such document to such person.


Don't forget to keep sending us those problems - we love 'em! Cheers, Cliff Ramshaw (Deputy Editor) H fi~yUc? VERSION 2 AND ECS HI am a little confused over the new Workbench 2/0, Enhanced Chip Set: Superfat Agnus and all the rest of It. I would like to upgrade but am not sure exactly what I am getting with the so called 'upgrade' packs that are for sale. Would I for instance get 2Mb of 'Chip' RAM if I upgraded, as I have heard that the Zydec RAM expansion is not compatible. Also can you tell me the difference between the various monitors that are available, what is multi-synch, RGB, and so on? A Docker Coventry The Enhancer pack sold for £80 contains the new Kickstart 2/04 ROM, and installation disks and manuals. The ECS Denise chip is not included in the pack: this is available seperately for around £35. Expanding to 2Mb of Chip memory requires the DKB Mega-Chip board, which at over £200 is not really economical for fitting into the A500, it makes more sense to sell your old A500 and upgrade to an A500 Plus or A600. Most 512Kb RAM expansions are compatible with 1Mb of Chip RAM; most of the 1/5Mb RAM expansions are not, so these should be avoided unless they specifically support the extra Chip RAM. The most popular monitors for the Amiga fall into the following categories: • 'Standard RGB' - Monitors such as the Philips CM8833, the Commodore 1083, 1084 and 1085 and the new Protar monitor are all more or less the same - they display all the standard Amiga graphics modes, but the interlaced video modes flicker.

Le vent est couple tenent ;onbe. Les tenperatures un peu fraiches ce riatin Chuit degi»Ss a dix desi'es) iiontei>ont cet apres-nidi a vinst desi'es. Appuyez sup C pour continues Into the comprehension topic, and concentration is required to digest the information in the passage to ensure correct replies are put in a situation where you are told to respond to prompts according to a sequence of events. I thought this was the jewel of the package. There are quite sophisticated error handling facilities throughout the package. More than once I noticed that information, which I had deliberately entered wrongly, was tested again soon after to see If I had learned from my errors. There is even a facility to enter text with accents, as well as a translate option which often helps when knowing the English word improves understanding, not to mention the usual music which accompanies correct and incorrect responses. LCL has put a great deal of thought into changing the way that French tuition can be presented. The overall structure of Micro French is excellent, and the path through the topics is logical and sequential. Definitely a first class package.