Britain's Geraint Thomas was forced to pull out of the Giro d'Italia because of a fractured hip. Scrolling carousels give fast access to featured programmes. Step by step instructions to remove DRM from BBC iPlayer videos. Review BBC iPlayer release date, changelog and more.

VyprVPN is the prefect VPN to unblock iPlayer on all your devices. Its apps are just as slick as its desktop software and both work seamlessly with iPlayer (their website). Bbc iplayer s crack.

  • Why doesnt the BBC simply offer a world wide licence fee
  • The BBC shares rights with other companies such as the US Discovery Channel
  • But bbc and Itv both stopped working today out of the blue very weird
  • Bbc Itv c4 all Not working so can’t watch I’m a celeb not happy
  • What annoys me is that I am a UK license fee payer and so perfectly entitled to watch BBC
  • Bbc Iplayer Android (7 Downloads)
  • BBC iPlayer VPN FAQs

Even though we pay for it, the BBC claims it is an independent corporation and can do what it likes

The same goes for the channels like NBC and Pandora – simply connect through a US based computer and you can access these as well. In fact if you have access to a selection of these servers across the world then you can use whatever website you wish wherever you happen to be.

Watch TV proxy services

Go to the BBC iPlayer website and sign up for an account. You will be asked for a UK postal code, which is basically the same thing as a ZIP code. You can find postcodes online quite easily through a simple internet search.


IPlayer VPN troubleshooting guide

To legally watch broadcast television in the UK, viewers need to buy a TV license. Currently, one of those costs £145/50 per year but there are signs that the numbers of those investing in one have been dwindling.

I found the VPN to be fast enough for streaming on BBC without buffering, and I also enjoyed that this VPN unblocks Netflix US and Netflix UK (as well as 12 other regions). I was particularly happy to see that this VPN comes ready to use in its native state, with OpenVPN set by default. Plus, it has a kill-switch to ensure it is good for torrenting on Pirate Bay or bypassing government blocks.


I am watching BBC with NordVPN, and have contacted their support about it in the past

It’s particularly annoying when you’re travelling, I can’t watch the news on the BBC if I happen to be in a Paris airport for example. This is because my location will normally define what nationality my IP address is, connecting through a French Wifi network in the Charles De Gaulle Airport will obviously give me a French address!

Instead, however, the BBC has chosen to maintain its trust-based service, shown in the image below

VyprVPN provides servers in over 70 countries, which is great for bypassing censorship or accessing content from back home while on holiday. Plus, this VPN implements robust levels of OpenVPN encryption and other top-notch security features like DNS leak protection and a kill-switch.


One woman followed all the rules to find out what really works. The idea is part of a package of proposals designed to help the UK's public service broadcasters after the switch to digital TV. BBC iPlayer Radio # Android # radio. There are some free and a few subscription-based extensions for BBC iPlayer. A programme will remain playable for 30 days after being downloaded or seven days after being watched.

Speeds are fast enough to let you enjoy shows in full HD, and you can use the VPN on up to 6 devices at the same time. The software is streamlined and intuitive, which means you can be streaming your favorite content in seconds. With clients available on all popular platforms, NordVPN is a cost-effective solution for streaming BBC iPlayer on the go.


Select few to watch World Cup in 4K high dynamic range colour on BBC iPlayer. Drug dealers delivered crack cocaine to vulnerable patients at a mental health hospital, the BBC has been told. BBC bombshell: Lord Hall's blunt take on 'it's all over for corporation' fear BBC's former Director General Lord Tony Hall bluntly rejected fears about the death of the corporation in the wake of. And it supports a wide range of devices from Windows, Mac OS to Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many others. Now you can enjoy watching BBC iPlayer abroad right on your Kodi device, with the help a BBC iPlayer VPN.

Exclusive streaming servers for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and so on. The upgrades come as the BBC responds to a surge of recent activity in the. BBC iPlayer Desktop 2.12.10 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows 10 PCs but also without a hitch on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Compatibility with this movie downloader software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. It can be used with Windows Vista and can also strip DRM from songs downloaded from Microsoft's online music store, Zune Marketplace. Duration 28 mins; First shown.


The good news is that this is available for free as part of your regular VPN subscription plan, and it is not hard to set up (thanks to the guide on its website). As soon as you do, you can unblock iPlayer with ease. I think this VPN provides excellent unblocking capabilities, and it is a highly secure VPN that can be trusted to protect your digital privacy.

To do so properly, the BBC could provide license payers with a password and username to log into the service

Virtual Private Networks–or VPNs are we often call them–are systems that were originally designed to allow remote workers to securely access private networks from unsecured public ones such as the Internet. Today, they are mostly used to improve security and privacy when using the Internet.


Your best option, then, is to revert to some mirror site that hosts app. On such site that can be trusted is called APK mirror.

BBC iPlayer VPNs Work

Ivacy provides OpenVPN encryption, I always recommend using this protocol as it is the most secure VPN encryption protocol available. On top of all that, it is a no-logs VPN, which means it will never have any records about what you do online. This gives me trust in the services that it will keep my data secure and private. My favorite thing about this VPN is that it is super fast, I used it for downloading torrents and for streaming in HD and found it to be a VPN that performs superbly.


We analyse every VPN application in-depth to make sure it has a user-friendly interface and settings. We reward customization and configuration options, as long as they come in an easily-understood format.

BBC content is popular outside of the UK

PrivateVPN is a service that is highly praised by subscribers. During my tests I found it to work with iPlayer both on the website and on my Kodi. The service is highly featured, which makes it great for advanced users who want to torrent or bypass censorship by streaming BBC news for example.


BBC to crack down on use of 'racially insulting language' after N-word row with any planned mention now being referred to an executive By Paul Revoir Media Editor For The Daily Mail 23: 31 14 Aug. The BBC commented in December, saying: "BBC iPlayer is already available to audiences on over 1, devices and platforms. Programmes automatically pick up from where you left off. Regulator says people aged 16-34 spend less than an hour a day consuming BBC content First published on Wed 25 Nov 2020 09.28 EST Younger audiences are treating BBC services such as iPlayer as an. Here's a quick rundown of the steps you'll need to follow to access BBC iPlayer on your iPhone, iPad or Mac if you're outside of the UK. This will also work on a PC, and on Android devices too.

Secondly, using a VPN will also enable you to bypass censorship. Because the data you send out gets wrapped in a layer of encryption, it can get past any blocks that exist on the ISP level. What’s more, when that encryption occurs in a proxy server located in another country, your data stream gets labeled with the respective IP address of that country, fooling websites into serving you content that would normally be blocked in your country. Once again, not all VPNs can accomplish this as well in China as in other countries, but the best of the few services that do work there have been recommended below.


Beware though these companies come and go very quickly – often disappearing without trace over night. The ones to be careful of are those ‘ Watch TV proxy services‘ that you can find – they are routinely targeted by the entertainment companies and shut down very quickly. The BBC has cracked down on most of these so they no longer work, it also meant that the BBC iPlayer proxy free options are now all gone too.

However, in its story announcing that the iPlayer had been fixed, the BBC stated that it expected people to hack Author: Tom Espiner. Bbc iplayer free download - BBC Radio iPlayer Plus, BBC World Cup Wallchart, BBC Arabic, and many more programs. BBC Children in Need: Got it Covered. BBC Radio Berkshire; BBC Radio Bristol. One woman followed all the rules to find out what really worksAuthor: Kate Leaver.


You can see all of the benefits of using a VPN, including the ability to watch BBC iPlayer in China. Now you just need to select a VPN provider and you can start watching unblocked content. But how should you select a VPN provider? You might at first be tempted to use a free VPN to save money, but this is not recommended as free VPN companies have a history of behaving unethically, for example by selling their user data to other companies or by selling off access to users’ devices.

However, we must warn you that downloading BBC iPlayer Desktop from an external source releases FDM Lib from any responsibility. BBC's iPlayer is changing the way it plays programmes from Flash Player to HTML5 in line with several other major websites. Use the link below and download BBC iPlayer Desktop legally from the developer's site. Wales manager Chris Coleman on BBC One. As you wait for the permanent fix to arrive, there is a workaround to address this issue.


While the latter knows for sure that no one has permission to be sharing files, the former has no idea whether there is a licensed person behind any IP address. On that basis, getting a court to force ISPs to hand over details would be unlikely, if not impossible. Even if that did happen, the chances of the person having a license or some other mitigating circumstance would be extremely high indeed.

Finally, catchup services offered by other companies other than the BBC aren’t covered, so people can watch ITV Player, 4OD, Demand 5 and any other service such as Netflix without needing any license. That being said, a TV license is just £3 per week and is hardly going to break the bank.


BBC iPlayer USA - How to Watch iPlayer Anywhere in 2020

StrongVPN unblocks iPlayer (like it) with a little help from SmartDNS. The good news is, it throws this service in for free as part of its premium plan.

Of particular interest to users of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, there’s a free BBC iPlayer app available on the Amazon app store. And this is not some third-party app; it is the real app that’s developed by the BBC.


If you are an ex Pat and over 75 do you get an exemption from the BBC to get their problem

But not any more, the recently update (27th September 2020) killed it. It is no more, it is dead, they completely ruined it in the latest update. Well I am hardly surprised about Nero but Files downloaded by the BBC's own program will have DRM attached to them. The BBC is to spy on internet users in their homes by deploying a new. Here's what you need to do. Open the BBC iPlayer application on your TV and select Sign In. And the Watford goalkeeper reckons he's cracked it.

The best VPNs for Australia

IPVanish is one of the biggest players on the VPN market, and it is one of the best. Its reputation for top-notch security and privacy is truly second to none. By default, IPVanish uses the OpenVPN protocol using 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, the service features an automatic kill-switch (which will block your internet connection should the VPN connection go down). IPVanish’s no-logging policy is one of the most comprehensive you can find anywhere. Even their own employees have no way of knowing what you’re doing with the service.


Privacy is a key feature of any VPN, even one for streaming. As a result, we regularly analyze the privacy policy of every VPN we review to find out how the service deals with user data.

  • If they’re not, you have a DNS leak and are easily detectable by the BBC as being abroad
  • Best TV shows on BBC iPlayer
  • It does seems Nord is getting hit a lot harder by the BBC these days
  • While you should have a licence to watch the BBC, you currently don’t need one
  • BBC iPlayer VPN Comparison
  • And we all know that the BBC makes blocking VPNs a priority
  • That’s what the BBC is hoping for, that enough of us throw in the towel and move on
  • BBC iPlayer – Apps on Google Play

The problem has to do with the BBC’s geographical restrictions

VPN Vault by Appsverse is one such app that does this. In order to check if your IP is being rotated, go to a site like What Is My IP Address and check your IP address every time you connect to a United Kingdom server. Your IP address should change every so often.

It would be easy, as some have said here, for the BBC to use your license as a password

ExpressVPN's fast speeds and its encryption and privacy settings are world-class with 256-bit AES encryption used as standard and a no user/data logs guarantee. That is, so long as you have an Internet connection and you're subscribed to the BBC channels. The BBC could share its iPlayer technology with the likes of ITV and Channel 4, director general Mark Thompson has said. PS3 iPlayer crack launched. How Google Play prevents you from downloading country restricted apps When you created your account on Google Play, you gave permission to Google Play to access the full details of your Android phone or Android Tablet.


Software Engineer - iPlayer

NordVPN has been able to consistently unblock BBC iPlayer as well as other streaming services. It also offers its customers features like dedicated IP Addresses - which makes it harder for BBC iPlayer (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=9403) to block your VPN.

Connection speeds are especially important for streaming because it is a high-bandwidth activity. To stream in HD without buffering, you’ll need unlimited bandwidth and as little speed loss as possible.


Watch the Planets BBC 2021 Online

But–and this is where it gets even better–the BBC iPlayer (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=4416) is not just a website. There are also apps for mobile devices running Android or iOS. And even more interesting, there are apps for many smart TVs, TV set-top boxes, and gaming consoles. In fact, there are not that many devices that won’t support the BBC iPlayer (website link) app.

The BBC continues to get better and better at blocking VPN users with each passing year

NordVPN also offers unique speciality servers, which are optimised for tasks like torrent use, or which can assign dedicated IP address. There is even an option to use double VPN servers in which your data is encrypted twice over to make it essentially uncrackable. And rounding out the package are servers dedicated to DDoS protection or onion over VPN.


There’s only one real drawback to the BBC iPlayer: it is only available in the UK. This is not totally unexpected and many broadcasters throughout the world are imposing similar limitations. They are due to distribution rights and broadcasting contracts and there’s not much we can do about that. But don’t worry, as we’ll show you, there are ways this limitation can be circumvented.

This isn't the first piece of software to be hacked or bypassed

If you’re a fan of British TV, the BBC iPlayer (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/serial-code/?file=5121) will certainly hold an appeal. The BBC iPlayer is, first and foremost, a website that offers a ton of streaming content from the BBC. Some of their best shows and movies are available free of charge on the service. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the BBC iPlayer right from within your Amazon Fire TV Stick? And wouldn’t it be even greater if you could do that from anywhere, not just from the UK? Read on as we tell you how to use the BBC iPlayer on the Amazon Fire TV Stick from outside the UK.


The vast majority of VPNs do not unblock iPlayer, and there are literally hundreds of commercial VPNs on the market – meaning that there are a lot of VPN providers you will need to avoid if you want to access iPlayer from abroad. To help you out, we have listed some of the more prevalent VPNs that don’t work with iPlayer in 2021. These VPNs should be avoided if you want to stream iPlayer from outside the UK.

All you need to do is follow the steps below to unblock iPlayer and then when you have found a show you want to download, simply click the link. Once downloaded, you have 30-days to watch the content before it disappears from your device.


Step 2: Type in the word “VPN Vault” on your App Store’s search bar. We recommend the VPN Vault app by Appsverse.

Simply clicking “I have a TV License. Watch now” is all that’s required to access the service and it’s expected that at least hundreds of thousands will do so without having an appropriate license. So what enforcement options does the BBC and the UK’s TV Licensing body have?


If you choose the right VPN, then using a VPN service to watch BBC iPlayer abroad is simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

Being based in the British Virgin Islands means ExpressVPN is not legally required to retain any user data at all. And while they don’t have a full zero logging policy, they don’t keep usage data. The client apps feature a “network lock” that will keep your traffic private by stopping it completely if the VPN connection drops.


When the VPN server receives data from the client and decrypts it before sending it to its destination, it first changes the source address to its own. That way, the response will come back to it and it will be able to transmit it back to the client. It’s easy to figure that to access a resource that block connections from outside the UK, all you need it to connect from anywhere to a VPN server in the UK.

I have always found NordVPN to be one of the best VPNs to use to connect to the UK from abroad. On their desktop app, it has over 440 servers in the UK that you can connect to - these based in London, Manchester. However the mobile apps only offer 1 UK server, but this still works really well with BBC iPlayer and BBC sounds. The speeds are off the charts and during our tests and it allowed us to stream iPlayer in HD with absolutely no issues.


You need to be careful when selecting a VPN though, as not all VPNs work with iPlayer and work in China. We’ve recommended several VPNs that meet both of these requirements and which you can use to watch iPlayer from China.

We also test for useful additional features like split tunneling, browser extensions, and other bespoke tools like Smart DNS. This allows you to bypass geo-blocks on your Smart TV and games console.


BBC iPlayer is one of the biggest streaming services, and is free for those inside the UK with a TV licence - here's how to stream it when you're abroad too. It has left many members concerned about how their data could be misused. Full Abbreviated Hidden /Sea. Re-watch our 2020 documentary when famous faces from the stage and screen came together to record a whole album of special songs to help raise money for BBC Children in Need. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest keygen interviews.

  • To help you out, we have listed some of the more prevalent VPNs that don’t work with iPlayer in 2021
  • Your browser may have stored that information in its cache or as a cookie and is feeding it to the iPlayer
  • Servers that actually unblock iPlayer
  • It’s fast, easy to use, and it reliably streams BBC iPlayer on every single one of its UK servers
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the BBC iPlayer right from within your Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • As a result, a reliable VPN for iPlayer must have fast Tier-1 servers that don't suffer from congestion
  • Its app is super easy to use, with clearly marked servers for quick access to BBC iPlayer outside the UK
  • The iPlayer has become an amazing success for the corporation not only in the UK but also around the world
  • So, you must be extra careful when choosing a VPN if you want to use it to unblock iPlayer
  • BBC iPlayer launch on, despite crack

Bbc Iplayer - CNET Download

Although its official designation is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, this device is often referred to as the Firestick or Fire Stick. It is the Amazon Fire TV’s little brother. While it has similar functionality, the smaller and less powerful device won’t play UDH or HDR video, only 1080P. It currently sells on Amazon for $39/99.

And to make an already good experience even better, the Live Restart function that’s built into the iPlayer will let you go back to the start of the current live show whenever you miss the start time. And last but definitely not least, the BBC iPlayer also lets you download programming to your device for offline viewing. You could, for example, download a show on your tablet for viewing later while on the train commuting to work.


The BBC's website crashed after being targeted by hackers. Previously Sky Q users were able to access some, but not all, BBC content via Sky's catch up service, but following today's agreement Sky Q users will be able to access the full suite of BBC iPlayer programming. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Hide ALL IP provides all the tools what you need, Just connect to a server IP in the country associated with the TV providers and point your browser to the correct website. The international audience does not have access to all the BBC TV channels, as they are only available via UK cable TV.

ExpressVPN is effective in China, where its powerful encryption methods can bypass censorship with ease. What’s more, it works beautifully with iPlayer owing to its super-fast speeds, so you can use it to watch BBC content to your heart’s content. You might think that such a service would be difficult to use, but you’d be wrong. With just a single click of a button, your internet connection will be completely shielded from prying eyes, restrictive network algorithms, or any other third party.


All households without a license will be gathered into a database and presumed to be TV license dodgers. They will receive letters in the post warning them that not having a license is illegal. However, unless they get caught in the act of viewing, there’s little that can be done to stop them. TV Licensing has no power of entry.

Check out the exclusive deal below. All you need to do is click the button and claim the deal!


Frustrated that you can’t enjoy British TV? Get annoyed that the awesome BBC iPlayer is not accessible from outside the United Kingdom? Plus all the other great sites like ITV Hub and Channel 4’s online archive. It’s seems crazy but it’s true, although the internet is supposed to open doors, as far as online TV goes we are increasingly being restricted and locked down.

The BBC iPlayer is one of the main hubs where English fans can catch up on the latest soaps, documentaries, and reality television of their choosing. Read about our approach to external linking. The BBC is the only UK content provider to make its. You can watch all BBC TV channels online and nearly all of our programmes are available to watch on demand shortly after broadcast. In general, programs are available for up to seven days after their original broadcast.


BBC makes millions of $ from selling the rights to their shows

Now download this program and follow the guide below to complete converting BBC iPlayer to AVI/MP4. Available on mobile, tablet, TV & PC. The iPlayer will launch as intended on 27 July even though its underlying DRM technology has been cracked, says the BBC. The Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer (That work) #1 ExpressVPN – SPECIAL DEAL (3 months free with annual subscription) ExpressVPN is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer, as it has six servers located in the UK, ultra-fast speeds, and is especially known for getting new servers up and running quickly, in case BBC blacklists one. Remarkably, only 24 clubs have been champions of England over the past 130.

Surfshark offers the most advanced encryption protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, or WireGuard (plus Shadowsocks on Windows and Android) secured by the 256-AES-GCM cipher. These alone work for most website blocks, though additional firepower is needed to break the Great Firewall. Every one of Surfshark’s 3200+ servers in 65 countries comes equipped with the ability to activate Camouflage obfuscation, smart DNS, and NoBorders anti-censorship countermeasures–a potent combination that works exceedingly well in China.


Technical Glitch Hits Bbc Iplayer

Even if your IP address is static (doesn’t change) and you do (or don’t) have a license, TV Licensing and/or the BBC have no easy way of matching that IP address to a TV License payer. Indeed, the IP address they know accessed their service could belong to almost anyone.

The BBC blocks VPN IP addresses based in the UK, which means that most VPNs do not work

Which VPN do you use, and what has your experience with it been like? Let us know in the comments below.


I used the VPN for a few weeks and found it to be both fast and highly reliable. The software is a pleasure to use, and I found it to compatible with all my devices across various platforms. I was also happy to see that PrivateVPN has a robust zero-logs policy, which makes it both trustworthy and cheap. An impressive VPN for iPlayer that I strongly recommend comparing to our other option if you fancy a bargain that is highly effective.

BBC content is popular outside of the UK, thanks to the combination of beautiful nature documentaries, cute cooking shows, and fun scifi that the channel offers. Some shows, like Doctor Who, Sherlock, or Great British Bake Off, have become such smash hits that people from all around the globe regularly tune in to watch. Meanwhile, people in Britain can benefit from the BBC iPlayer website, which offers the ability to stream any of the content that is shown on the BBC TV channels, on demand, and for free.


January 2021 has a bunch of great shows coming to iPlayer. Below we have included those recommendations so that you can start using your VPN right away!

It is one of the claims made by a number of former patients at units run by the Tees. Apr 18, 2020 - X-VPN 41.0_322 Crack software for Windows PC unblock today all content you like! BBC is increasingly detecting and blocking VPN traffic. It just sounds like a company wants to release a product that only works on Windows, and I'm pretty sure that's been done before. It turns out that all it takes to get around the BBC's countermeasure is to structure the request header using the same quirks as an iPhone.


BBC iPLayer Home Page

Excellent security to keep your data safe and private and out of the hands of third parties. You should look for security features like the use of strong 256-bit encryption and a no logging policy.

BBC also sell their rights to Netflix and Itunes and anyone else that sells BBC shows

Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. And BBC iPlayer USED to work great too. Battle for middle earth 3 mac. The Xbox One housed the iPlayer in addition to the Sky and Channel 4 apps, which left customers spoiled for choice. The BBC iPlayer works at three different speeds, 500Kbps, 800Kbps, and 1.5Mbps, depending on the speed of a user's connection.

  • I used the iPlayer a few days ago with zero issues and also quickly confirmed it works earlier today
  • I imagine the demand for it is much smaller than for the BBC iPlayer, so that would make sense
  • That’s four connections from the same IP address talking to the iPlayer server for several hours each day
  • Best VPN for BBC iPlayer
  • BBC iPlayer breaks 4 billion request barrier

ExpressVPN offers an industry standard of 5 simultaneous connections. When it comes to privacy, ExpressVPN leads the pack thanks to military-grade encryption, watertight privacy policy, and a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.


Anyone intercepting your data would only see encrypted–therefore meaningless–data going to a VPN server with no way of knowing what you’re doing or where you’re going. This is why VPNs are often used to protects against all kind of snooping from hackers, ISPs or authorities. They also allow one to bypass Internet usage restrictions that are all too common when using public Internet accesses.

BBC Iplayer in the USA
1 Bbc Iplayer Vista freeware, shareware, software download 70%
2 How to get the best VPN for BBC iPlayer: what to look out for when picking a VPN 45%
3 In fact, this is one of the fastest VPNs I have tested, making it great for streaming iPlayer 13%
4 Don’t work with BBC iPlayer 66%
5 How to Burn BBC iPlayer to DVD Easily 4%

As we’ve indicated earlier, the BBC will block requests originating outside of the UK

Not only did UK-based IP addresses work, but an overseas one too, meaning that foreign users who aren’t eligible to buy a license might also gain access to the service. Indeed, properly licensed UK viewers can also view from a foreign IP address which might initially appear unlicensed.

Basic instinct 2 in hindi mobile movie. On 13 July, a new version of the tool called 1.3fix-2 was released. ExpressVPN has a range of apps for all your devices and. Helps you download and watch BBC TV shows, as well as listen to radio programmes. How To Convert Bbc Iplayer Downloads, How To Download A Qbo File, Minecraft Aether Legacy 1.14.3 Download, Female Android Robot Download For Fusion 360.


If you want to make the full use of BBC iPlayer, here are some of the. With this tool, you will be able to play the programs like including TV series, radio stations program, songs, Video etc of the past a week and see them online by. Presuming you already have a BBC account, sign in to the BBC website on a device such as your mobile or PC, open up the iPlayer app on the TV and after pressing sign in it should show you a code. The BBC has put an end to an exploit which allowed people to download its TV shows permanently, according to the network's news agency. Includes tests and PC download for Windows 32 and 64-bit systems.