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Press the “Cancel Documentation” button to reboot the RNS. That’s it, RNS went to reboot and turned off, map update is complete. We remove the memory card with updates from the 1st RNS slot.

Description: A software package for diagnostics of cars and trucks. All of the working main solutions (Autocom, Delphi, Eclipse, OPUS) for working with Autocom and Delphi adapters (works with both original and clones). Most recent versions that have had the ability to cure.


The value of this useful automotive part has changed 9 times since first appearing on this eCommerce store on 09th Apr 2021. Take a look at the price chart for more in-depth info. Your selection was last offered at £14/99 but sadly every one of our trusted retailers are out at the moment. This eCommerce platform has combed Diagnostic, Testing & Measuring Tools to discover the most excellent car components. We have 947 seperate Engine System Diagnostic Tools; the best reviewed products are Vgate VS890 Maxiscan OBD2 CAN Car BUS Fault Reader Code Scanner and Naugust Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer.

In the next window, select the “User” update method. Install all updated components in “D” and click the “Start Download” button.


After 1 hour 20 minutes, the update will end by displaying the “Software update” window. At the top of the window, if the update is successful, the “Repeat” button will be inactive, under which the “Next” button will be active.

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Reason for updating the distribution: Reassembling cards in order to improve their performance. In the previous map assembly, “Search for objects” did not work, which was warned about in the description for this distribution. In the updated map assembly, the Find Objects feature works. Please download the torrent file again and update the previously downloaded maps.

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Launch the “Development” menu in RNS by simultaneously pressing the “Setup + Phone” buttons. In this menu, select “Update” and in the pop-up window “Software update” select the update source SD Card 1.