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Today, ESTsoft is proud to announce that CABAL Online’s Brazil service is now open for play. Players are currently able to transfer their characters and game data from the previous Brazil service and continue where they left off on all new ESTsoft-run servers, equipment and items intact. Cabal online patch 2020.

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ESTsoft’s growing global publishing presence continues to expand as CABAL Online’s Brazil (official site) service is added to its arsenal. Now that publishing and service management sectors exist close to development of the game, Brazilian players will receive more responsive and more informed support, faster and more expansive game content updates, and an overall increase in quality of service. Cabal online europe patch.

To prove what I'm saying, here I send a link of the hacker doing his job. The video is recent, the hack is real, and the Gamemaxx Company don't know how to stop whoever is doing it! This is the same hacker who broke into the Gamemaxx database, he made this video to demonstrate the precariousness of the Gamemaxx database.


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Recently there was a break-in the Gamemaxx database. It was caused by a computer hacker who also play Cabal Online with us. Now I ask you who owns the game Cabal Online (read review): How to send our personal data if there are many flaws in the Gamemaxx database? How we as players will continue playing with these problems?