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This is where I bought the anti-hack. I've talked to infiSTAR and verified this is one of his main sites (the code is out there in a few illegitimate places, but they're usually very outdated versions). Anti hack dayz corrupt.

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The man was accused of downloading (and in some cases sharing) hundreds of movies and thousands of TV shows via the site. Movies played a relatively minor part in the case, with 579 titles said to be infringed, but TV shows played a much bigger role.

So now, when I log into my server and hit F2, the default key for upening the antihack tool, It simply opens up the ingame command and response, this comes up the same for 1-9 as well as F1-F10. Has anyone else had this problem or know anything about installing this AntiHack?


Nevertheless, Rights Alliance is now doubling down on its warnings. Commenting on the sentencing this week in Odense, the anti-piracy group says that the prosecution illustrates that SØIK is focusing on users who repeatedly share copyrighted content online.

In January 2021, Rights Alliance added that persistent pirates would indeed face prosecution. It’s certainly possible that this week’s conviction represents the start of that work but it’s unclear how many more cases might be in the pipeline.


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While the Plex software is entirely legal, like other media software it can be put to illegal uses. Prosecutions are extremely rare, especially when people only share their libraries with close friends and family, but in this case Rights Alliance felt a criminal case was warranted.


Operator of Torrent Tracker DanishBits Sentenced to One Year in Prison

The owner and operator of the Plex server shared the content with friends and family. They were sent a password by mail,” the group explains.

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Thanks to all that replied either here or by PM, but through trial and error I managed to muddle my way through and got the tool working. Basically it looks like I did 2 things wrong.


Earlier this month the conclusion of another file-sharing case was reported by SØIK. Following a process at the Copenhagen City Court, a 35-year-old man was convicted of downloading and sharing 9,440 movies.

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