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A number (https://unite-alzheimer-oblivio.com/content/uploads/files/download/jeppesen-mobile-tc-serial-number-idm.zip) of peptides have been identified as therapeutically promising; however in vitro results have often not proven to bear out in vivo. Significantly, peptides suffer from a short in vivo half life, sometimes mere minutes, making them generally impractical, in their native form, for therapeutic administration. Jeppesen mobile tc serial number manager. Thus there exists a need in the art for modified therapeutic peptides having an enhanced half-life and/or reduced clearance as well as additional therapeutic advantages as compared to the therapeutic peptides in their unmodified form.

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Accordingly, the present invention provides conjugates comprising a therapeutic peptide moiety covalently attached to one or more water-soluble polymers. The water-soluble polymer may be stably bound to the therapeutic peptide moiety, or it may be releasably attached to the therapeutic peptide moiety.

As previously noted, modifications may be made to the therapeutic peptides defined and/or disclosed herein that do not alter, or only partially abrogate, the properties and activities of these therapeutic peptides. In some instances, modifications may be made that result in an increase in therapeutic activity.


Related peptides include, but are not limited to, fragments of therapeutic peptides, therapeutic peptide variants, and therapeutic peptide derivatives. Related peptides also include any and all combinations of these modifications. In a non-limiting example, a related peptide may be a fragment of a therapeutic peptide as disclosed herein having one or more amino acid substitutions. Thus it will be understood that any reference to a particular type of related peptide is not limited to a therapeutic peptide having only that particular modification, but rather encompasses a therapeutic peptide having that particular modification and optionally any other modification.

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The level of therapeutic activity of a given therapeutic peptide, or a modified therapeutic peptide, may be determined by any suitable in vivo or in vitro assay. For example, therapeutic activity may be assayed in cell culture, or by clinical evaluation, EC50 assays, IC50 assays, or dose response curves.

In further embodiments of the invention, the therapeutic peptides defined and/or disclosed herein may be chemically coupled to biotin. The biotin/therapeutic peptide molecules can then to bind to avidin.


Preferred methods to determine sequence identity and/or similarity are designed to give the largest match between the sequences tested. Methods to determine sequence identity are described in publicly available computer programs.

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No. 5,767,254, WO 2005/097158, and Doores, K, et al, Chem. Commun, 1401-1403, 2006, which are incorporated herein by reference in their entireties. For example, alpha and beta selective glycosylations of serine and threonine residues are carried out using the Koenigs-Knorr reaction and Lemieux's in situ anomerization methodology with Schiff base intermediates. Deprotection of the Schiff base glycoside is then carried out using mildly acidic conditions or hydrogenolysis.

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Thus, the therapeutic peptide polymer conjugates may be conjugated in vitro

The terms “subject,” “individual,” or “patient” are used interchangeably herein and refer to a vertebrate, preferably a mammal. Mammals include, but are not limited to, murines, rodents, simians, humans, farm animals, sport animals, and pets.


One particularly preferred type of water-soluble polymer is a polyalkylene oxide, and in particular, polyethylene glycol (or PEG). Generally, a PEG used to prepare a therapeutic peptide polymer conjugate of the invention is “activated” or reactive. That is to say, the activated PEG (and other activated water-soluble polymers collectively referred to herein as “polymeric reagents”) used to form a therapeutic peptide conjugate comprises an activated functional group suitable for coupling to a desired site or sites on the therapeutic peptide. Thus, a polymeric reagent for use in preparing a therapeutic peptide conjugate includes a functional group for reaction with the therapeutic peptide.

The expression can occur via exogenous expression or via endogenous expression (when the host cell naturally contains the desired genetic coding). Methods for producing and expressing recombinant polypeptides in vitro and in prokaryotic and eukaryotic host cells are known to those of ordinary skill in the art.


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For example, when similar peptides with comparable activities exist from the same species or across other species, one of skill in the art may compare those amino acid sequences to identify residues that are conserved among similar peptides. It will be understood that changes in areas of a therapeutic peptide that are not conserved relative to similar peptides would be less likely to adversely affect the therapeutic activity. One skilled in the art would also know that, even in relatively conserved regions, one may substitute chemically similar amino acids while retaining therapeutic activity. Therefore, even areas that may be important for biological activity and/or for structure may be subject to amino acid substitutions without destroying the therapeutic activity or without adversely affecting the peptide structure.


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Very briefly, in solid phase peptide synthesis, the desired C-terminal amino acid residue is coupled to a solid support. The subsequent amino acid to be added to the peptide chain is protected on its amino terminus with Boc, Fmoc, or other suitable protecting group, and its carboxy terminus is activated with a standard coupling reagent. The free amino terminus of the support-bound amino acid is allowed to react with the carboxy-terminus of the subsequent amino acid, coupling the two amino acids. The amino terminus of the growing peptide chain is deprotected, and the process is repeated until the desired polypeptide is completed. Side chain protecting groups may be utilized as needed.

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Natural amino acids may be divided into classes based on common side chain properties: nonpolar (Gly, Ala, Val, Leu, Ile, Met); polar neutral (Cys, Ser, Thr, Pro, Asn, Gln); acidic (Asp, Glu); basic (His, Lys, Arg); and aromatic (Trp, Tyr, Phe). By way of example, non-conservative amino acid substitutions may involve the substitution of an amino acid of one class for that of another, and may be introduced in regions of the peptide not critical for therapeutic activity.

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Preferably, amino acid substitutions are conservative. Conservative amino acid substitutions may involve the substitution of an amino acid of one class for that of the same class. Conservative amino acid substitutions may also encompass non-natural amino acid residues, including peptidomimetics and other atypical forms of amino acid moieties, and may be incorporated through chemical peptide synthesis.

The invention further provides methods of synthesizing such therapeutic peptide polymer conjugates and compositions comprising such conjugates. The invention further provides methods of treating, preventing, or ameliorating a disease, disorder or condition in a mammal comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of a therapeutic peptide polymer conjugate of the invention.


PEG reagents suitable for use in the present invention also include those available from NOF Corporation, as described generally on the NOF website (http://nofamerica.net/store/). Products listed therein and their chemical structures are expressly incorporated herein by reference. Additional PEGs for use in forming a therapeutic peptide conjugate of the invention include those available from Polypure (Norway) and from QuantaBioDesign LTD (Ohio), where the contents of their online catalogs (2006) with respect to available PEG reagents are expressly incorporated herein by reference. In addition, water soluble polymer reagents useful for preparing peptide conjugates of the invention can be prepared synthetically.

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Related peptides also include derivatives of the therapeutic peptides defined and/or disclosed herein, wherein the variant retains some of or all of at least one therapeutic activity of the parent peptide. The derivative may also exhibit an increase in at least one therapeutic activity of the parent peptide.

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The term “water soluble” as in a “water-soluble polymer” is any polymer that is soluble in water at room temperature. Typically, a water-soluble polymer will transmit at least about 75%, more preferably at least about 95%, of light transmitted by the same solution after filtering. On a weight basis, a water-soluble polymer will preferably be at least about 35% (by weight) soluble in water, more preferably at least about 50% (by weight) soluble in water, still more preferably about 70% (by weight) soluble in water, and still more preferably about 85% (by weight) soluble in water. It is most preferred, however, that the water-soluble polymer is about 95% (by weight) soluble in water or completely soluble in water.

It is known that certain amino acids may be substituted for other amino acids having a similar hydropathic index or score and still retain a similar biological activity. In making changes based upon the hydropathic index, the substitution of amino acids whose hydropathic indices are within ±2 is preferred, those which are within ±1 are particularly preferred, and those within ±0/5 are even more particularly preferred.


Suitable detectors include photometers, films, spectrometers, and the like. The end-capping group can also advantageously comprise a phospholipid. When the polymer has an end-capping group comprising a phospholipid, unique properties are imparted to the polymer and the resulting conjugate. Exemplary phospholipids include, without limitation, those selected from the class of phospholipids called phosphatidylcholines. Specific phospholipids include, without limitation, those selected from the group consisting of dilauroylphosphatidylcholine, dioleylphosphatidylcholine, dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine, disteroylphosphatidylcholine, behenoylphosphatidylcholine, arachidoylphosphatidylcholine, and lecithin.

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As described above, a conjugate of the invention comprises a water-soluble polymer covalently attached (either directly or through a spacer moiety or linker) to a therapeutic peptide. Typically, for any given conjugate, there will be about one to five water-soluble polymers covalently attached to a therapeutic peptide (wherein for each water-soluble polymer, the water-soluble polymer can be attached either directly to the therapeutic peptide or through a spacer moiety).