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After performing the initial setup through the console, the rest of the configuration of the CAM and CAS is performed using the CAM Web-based GUI. The first task on the CAM, before beginning configuration, is the installation the licenses for the solution. A license must be installed for the CAM and the CAS servers controlled by the CAM. The Cisco NAC Appliance Ordering Guide provides information on the ordering options.

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In our configuration example the inside, DMZ, and outside interfaces were configured with the security levels of 100, 50, and 0 respectively. With this, by default any traffic originating from the inside to the DMZ, from inside to outside, and from the DMZ to the outside interface will be allowed freely. At the same time, any traffic originating from the outside to the DMZ, from the outside to the inside, and from the DMZ to the inside interface will be blocked. While this may satisfy the basic access control requirements of the organization, it is always a good idea to reinforce the policies by enforcing granular ACLs.


A redirect-list indicating the ports and subnets of traffic to be redirected. In the example, the ACL named proxylist is configured to redirect any HTTP and HTTPS traffic coming from the 10/0.0/0/8 subnet. It is critical to ensure traffic from the WSA(s) bypasses redirection. To that end, add an entry to the redirect-list explicitly denying traffic sourced from the WSA(s).

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Deploying the NAC appliance solution requires the configuration of the CAM and CAS components. The initial CAM and CAS configuration is performed via console access (described in the Cisco NAC Appliance Hardware Installation guide).

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The following configuration snippet illustrates the routing configuration of the Cisco ASA appliance. The configuration includes the route redistribution from OSPF into EIGRP with the enforcement of a route-map allowing only the injection of the default route. MD5 authentication is used for OSPF, and the logging of neighbor status changes is enabled.


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In other words, it permits those protocols that are necessary for a client to connect to the network, authenticate, undergo posture assessment, and remediation. This option is viable when the NAC Appliance is positioned physically in-band between end users and the upstream network(s) being protected, as shown in Figure 18.

The IEEE 802/1X protocol allows Cisco Catalyst switches to offer network access control at the port level. Every port on the switch is individually enabled or disabled based on the identity of the user or device connecting to it. When 802/1X is first enabled on a port, the switch automatically drops all traffic received on that port. There is one exception to this rule. The only traffic a switch will accept is a request to start 802/1X authentication. Only after the 802/1X authentication has successfully completed will the switch accept any other kind of traffic on the port.


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Alternatively, Cisco offers managed hosted and hybrid hosted E-mail security services. These services are provided through a dedicated E-mail infrastructure hosted in a network of Cisco data centers.

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The Cisco ASA 5510 and higher appliance models come with a dedicated management interface that should be used whenever possible. Using a dedicated management interface keeps the management plane of the firewall isolated from threats originating from the data plane. The management interface should connect to the OOB management network, if one is available.


The CAS is inline with user traffic only during the process of authentication, assessment and remediation. Following that, user traffic does not come to the CAS. Enforcement is achieved through the use of SNMP to control switches and VLAN assignments to ports.

Features like Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam, Virus Outbreak Filters, McAfee Antivirus, and Sophos Anti-Virus require the ESA appliance to be registered in DNS. To that end, create an A record that maps the appliance's hostname to its public IP address and an MX record that maps the public domain to the appliance's hostname. Specify a priority for the MX record to advertise the ESA appliance as the primary (or backup during testing) MTA for the domain. A static address translation entry needs to be defined for the ESA public IP address on the Internet firewall if NAT is configured.


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The mission of the Internet firewall is to protect the company's internal resources and data from external threats, secure the public services provided by the DMZ, and to control users' traffic to the Internet. The small enterprise network design uses a Cisco ASA appliance as illustrated in Figure 23.

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In situations where availability of a CAS is critical, a high availability CAS solution may be implemented, where a pair of CAS servers are installed using a primary CAS and a secondary in hot standby. For more information, refer to the Cisco NAC Appliance - Clean Access Server Installation and Configuration Guide.

SCF assumes the existence of security policies developed as a result of threat and risk assessments and in alignment to business goals and objectives. The security policies and guidelines are expected to define the acceptable and secure use of each service, device, and system in the environment. The security policies should also determine the processes and procedures needed to achieve the business goals and objectives. The collection of processes and procedures define security operations. It is crucial to business success that security policies, guidelines, and operations do not prevent, but rather empower the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.


Allow users access to DMZ services such as the company's website, E-mail, and domain name resolution (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, and DNS). Note that the previous entries in the ACL already permit HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

There are a number of aspects that need to be understood prior to the deployment of the IPS Global Correlation feature. To start with, before configuration be sure that you are using Cisco IPS Version 7/0 with the latest patch and signature updates and that Cisco IPS is configured for network connectivity in either IDS or IPS mode.



An interior gateway protocol, EIGRP in our configuration examples, is used for dynamic routing. The Internet firewall may participate in routing by learning the internal routes and by injecting a default route pointing to the Internet. The default route should be removed dynamically if the Internet connection becomes unavailable.

VLAN mapping—This is similar in behavior to the transparent method, except that rather than bridging the same VLAN from the untrusted side to the trusted side of the appliance, two VLANs are used. For example, Client VLAN 131 is defined for the untrusted interface of the NAC Appliance. There is no routed interface or switched virtual interface (SVI) associated with VLAN 131. VLAN 31 is configured between the trusted interface of the NAC Appliance and the next-hop router interface/SVI for the client subnet. A mapping rule is made in the NAC Appliance that forwards packets arriving on VLAN 131 and forwards them out VLAN 31 by swapping VLAN tag information. The process is reversed for packets returning to the client. Note that in this mode, BPDUs are not passed from the untrusted-side VLANs to their trusted-side counterparts.


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Hash-based—Requests are distributed using a hash function. The function uses the proxy ID and URL as inputs so that requests for the same URL are always directed to the same upstream proxy.


The Botnet Traffic Filter compares the source and destination IP address in each initial connection packet to the IP addresses in the dynamic database, static database, DNS reverse lookup cache, and DNS host cache, and sends a syslog message or drops any matching traffic. When an address matches, the Cisco ASA sends a syslog message and can optionally be configured to drop the connection. You can enable Botnet Traffic filter on a subset of traffic or for all traffic by enabling an access list to classify traffic.

Use HTTPS and SSH for device access. Limit access to known IP addresses used for administrative access.


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The other Authentication dialog of interest is the Windows Auth dialog, as Windows Single Sign On (SSO) is used in this example. To perform Windows SSO, the CAS must be able to communicate with Active Directory to determine the authentication state of the Windows user. If Active Directory confirms that the user has authenticated to Active Directory, the user does not need to perform additional authentication to the CAS. An example of this configuration is shown in Figure 58. There are a number of steps required to configure Active Directory SSO, as these are described in the Cisco NAC Appliance -Clean Access Server Installation and Configuration Guide.

OOB deployments support wired and wireless clients. Wireless OOB requires a specific network topology.


The next tab in CAS configuration is the Filter tab (see Figure 54). For our example, the important dialog is Roles, where network traffic filters may be applied to different user Roles. The role of interest is the default Unauthenticated Role, which by default blocks all traffic. In this example, we are allowing the Unauthenticated Role to pass Active Directory client authentication traffic to the Active Directory Sever. This allows a Windows client to join the active Directory Domain and Windows users to authenticate to the domain, although they have not been through the NAC process. This is often important to allow printer and drive mapping information to be sent to Windows users. As the user has already authenticated to the Active Directory Domain, the user authentication information may be learned from Active Directory and the user does not have to reauthenticate for the NAC server.

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The user and device credentials are processed by an AAA server. The AAA server is able to reference user or device policy profile information either internally, using the integrated user database, or externally, using database sources such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Novell NDS, or Oracle databases. This enables the integration of the system into exiting user management structures and schemes, thereby simplifying overall deployment.

TCP intercept, authorization, URL filtering, inspect engines, and IPS features do not apply to redirected flows of traffic served by the WSA cache. Content requested by the WSA is still subject to all the configured features on the firewall.


Cisco offers deployment services to support the customer in planning, designing, and implementing Cisco security products and solutions. In addition, Cisco has services to support the customer in evolving its security policy and process-based controls to make people and the security architecture more effective.

For OOB-based Clean Access, some simple configuration must be performed on the switches implementing NAC. This configuration is primarily to enable SNMP communication between the switches and the CAM. Table 3 shows a simple SNMP v1 configuration (SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 are supported).


Inbound Internet access should be restricted to the public services provided at the DMZ such as SMTP, Web, and DNS. Any connection attempts to internal resources and subnets from the Internet should be blocked. ACLs should be constructed using the servers' global IP addresses.

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The first step in configuring the IPS sensor (module or appliance) to use Global Correlation is to add either a DNS address and/or the proxy server setup. This step, illustrated in Figure 27, enables connection to Cisco SensorBase. After you configure the DNS and proxy settings, these settings will go into effect as soon as the sensor has downloaded the latest Global Correlation updates.

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Depending on the topology, multiple options exist to facilitate routing to and from the NAC Appliance, including static routes, VRF-Lite, MPLS VPN, and other segmentation techniques. It is beyond the scope of this document to examine all possible methods.

The three key access security features discussed above have been discussed in isolation, but can be combined. In particular, the CISF features should be considered "baseline" features that are applied on all access ports and either NAC or 802/1X maybe overlaid on top of the CISF configuration.


Ports other than 80—Applications using ports other than 80 can be handled with the L4TM feature. L4TM blocks access to a specific application by preventing access to the server or block of IP addresses to which the client application must connect.

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This example is focused on the virtual gateway example, as a virtual gateway provides the simplest deployment. In the virtual gateway example, the original IP addressing, interfaces, VLANs, and normal traffic flows are maintained. The only changes are the addition of the untrusted VLANs that carry client traffic during NAC Authentication and Authorization, Scanning and evaluation, remediation, and quarantine modes.

Port 80—Applications that use HTTP tunneling on port 80 can be handled by enforcing access policies within the Web proxy configuration. Application access may be restricted based on applications, URL categories, and objects. Applications are recognized and blocked based on their user agent pattern and by the use of regular expressions. The user may also specify categories of URL to block, including the predefined chat and peer-to-peer categories. Custom URL categories may also be defined. Peer-to-peer access may also be filtered based on object and MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types.


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Trusted interface—The trusted interface connects the NAC CAS to the "normal" network interface. This makes a network connection available to the CAS while it is sitting between the client and the network, thus allowing client access to services such as DHCP and DNS—and user-defined services. Once a client has successfully completed its authentication and scanning phases, the CAM uses SNMP to change the client VLAN, on the access switch, from the untrusted VLAN to the trusted VLAN, thus providing a direct connection to the network that was on the other side of the CAS (the trusted network).

The Internet perimeter of the small enterprise network design uses a single Cisco ASA appliance configured with redundant interfaces. The use of redundant interfaces makes the design resilient to link level failures, representing an affordable option for high availability. In cases where chassis redundancy is desirable, the enterprise may consider deploying a pair of Cisco ASA appliances configured for stateful failover. Both active/active and active/standby failover modes are supported. While stateful failover protects against chassis failures, it requires the deployment of two identical Cisco ASA appliances and the adjustment of the topologies around the firewalls, so its deployment should be carefully planned.


The WSA comes with a default Global Policy that applies to all users. However, multiple policies can be defined when different policies need to be applied to different groups of users. Figure 46 shows the global policy.

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Allow Internet access to users residing at all enterprise sites for the allowed ports and protocols. This typically includes HTTP and HTTPS access.

One of the main features of the Small Enterprise Design Profile is that it provides a loop-free topology, minimizing re-convergence times and eliminating the complexities of certain technologies, such as spanning tree. The architecture supports different designs for the access layer, including the traditional multi-tier access layer design and the more optimal routed access design. The Small Enterprise Design Profile ensures a loop-free topology for both access designs, however the routed access approach provides for up-link load balancing and virtually eliminates any issues associated with spanning tree.


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It is recommended that DNS snooping is only enabled on interfaces where external DNS requests are going. Enabling DNS snooping on all UDP DNS traffic, including that going to an internal DNS server, creates unnecessary loads on the Cisco ASA. For example, if the DNS server is on the outside interface, you should enable DNS inspection with snooping for all UDP DNS traffic on the outside interface.


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Injecting a default route with OSPF requires the configuration of an OSPF process between the Cisco ASA and the Internet border router, as illustrated in Figure 25. If the router is managed by the ISP, the configuration will require coordination with the service provider. This scenario also requires the default route to be propagated over OSPF. The actual default route may originate from the Internet border router itself or somewhere in the ISP network.


E-mail Security—A Cisco IronPort C Series E-mail Security Appliance (ESA) is deployed at the DMZ to inspect incoming and outgoing E-mails and eliminate threats such as E-mail spam, viruses, and worms. The ESA appliance also offers E-mail encryption to ensure the confidentiality of messages and data loss prevention (DLP) to detect the inappropriate transport of sensitive information.

NAC Appliance Deployment in Small Enterprise Networks

Implementing role-based access controls for users and devices helps reduce the potential loss of sensitive information by enabling enterprises to verify a user or device identity, privilege level, and security policy compliance before granting network access. Security policy compliance could consist of requiring antivirus software, OS updates, or patches. Unauthorized or noncompliant devices can be placed in a quarantine area where remediation can occur prior to gaining access to the network.


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If one or more Layer 3 hops exist between the untrusted NAC interface and the end-client subnets, static routes to the client networks must be configured in the NAC Appliance. Likewise, a static default route (0/0) is required within the downstream Layer 3 network (referencing the IP address of the untrusted NAC interface) to facilitate default routing behavior from the client networks to the NAC Appliance.

Other locations in the enterprise network still need protection, but user network access may be better served by a NAC Appliance solution. For networks requiring role-based access control using posture assessments to ensure security compliance, Cisco NAC Appliance should be considered. In addition, network access ports in open areas such as lobbies and meeting rooms may use 802/1X or Cisco Clean Access NAC to protect these ports.


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Cisco NAC Appliance is a network-centric integrated solution administered from the Cisco Clean Access Manager (NAC Manager) Web console and enforced through the Clean Access Server (NAC Server) and (optionally) the Clean Access Agent or Cisco NAC Web Agent. Cisco NAC Appliance checks client systems, enforces network requirements, distributes patches and antivirus software, and quarantines vulnerable or infected clients for remediation before clients access the network. Cisco NAC Appliance consists of the components shown in Figure 15.

The following configuration snippet illustrates the structure of an edge ACL applied to the upstream interface of the Internet border router. The ACL is designed to block invalid packets and to protect the infrastructure IP addresses from the Internet. The configuration assumes the enterprise is assigned the 198/133/219/0/24 address block for its public-facing services and that the upstream link is configured in the 64/104/10/0/24 subnet.


Some of the most vulnerable points of the network are the access edges where users connect to the network. With the proliferation of wireless networks, increased use of laptops and smart mobile devices, the enterprise cannot simply rely on physical controls hoping to prevent unauthorized systems from being plugged into the ports of the access switches. Protection should rather be embedded into the network infrastructure, leveraging the native security features available in switches, routers, and WLAN systems. Furthermore, the network infrastructure should also provide dynamic identity or role-based access controls for all systems attempting to gain access.

Inside—The interface connecting to the core/distribution switch that faces the interior of the network where internal users and resources reside. The inside interface connects to the internal trusted networks, therefore it is given the highest security level, 100.


802.1X in Small Enterprise Networks

Service Isolation—Services and applications serving different group of users or under different security requirements should be properly isolated. Isolation helps prevent data leakage and contain possible compromises from spreading across different serverfarm groups. Logical isolation may be achieved by separating applications and services in different VLANs and by assigning them into different firewall interfaces (physical or logical). This is illustrated in Figure 13.

The Cisco Security Intelligence services provide early warning intelligence, analysis, and proven mitigation techniques to help security professionals respond to the latest threats. The customer's IT staff can use the latest threat alerts, vulnerability analysis, and applied mitigation techniques developed by Cisco experts who use in-depth knowledge and sophisticated tools to verify anomalies and develop techniques that help ensure timely, accurate, and quick resolution to potential vulnerabilities and attacks.


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Show dynamic-filter reports top [malware-sites | malware-ports | infected-hosts]—Generates reports of the top 10 malware sites, ports, and infected hosts monitored. The top 10 malware sites report includes the number of connections dropped and the threat level and category of each site. This report is a snapshot of the data and may not match the top 10 items since the statistics started to be collected.



Global Correlation inspection uses reputation scores for normal IP addresses to increase the percentage of attacks that the sensor can block. First, the sensor must detect some sort of malicious activity and fire an event as a result. When an event is triggered, that event is processed to determine whether the attacker's IP address has a negative reputation and to what degree. If the event is sourced from an attacker with a negative reputation, the sensor will add risk to the event, raising its risk rating and making it more likely that the sensor will deny the event. This enables the sensor to deny packets and attackers based on the fact that the event has a negative reputation in addition to a high risk rating calculated on the sensor.

Catalyst Integrated Security Features (CISF) is a set of native security features available on Cisco Catalyst Switches and designed to protect the access infrastructure and users from spoofing, man-in-the-middle, DoS, and other network-based attacks. CISF includes features such as private VLANs, port security, DHCP snooping, IP Source Guard, secure Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) detection, and Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI). CISF features are considered to be part of a security baseline and should be deployed on all access ports.


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The monitoring target needs to be carefully selected. First, pick one that can receive and respond to ICMP echo requests sent by the Cisco ASA. Second, it is better to use a persistent network object. In the configuration example below the Cisco ASA monitors the IP address of the next hop gateway, which helps identifying if the Internet gateway goes down, but it will not help if the connection is lost upstream. If available, you may want to monitor a persistent network object located somewhere in the ISP network. Static route tracking can also be configured for default routes obtained through DHCP or PPPoE.

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The Cisco security Optimization service is an integrated service offering designed to assess, develop, and optimize the customer's security infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Through quarterly site visits and continual analysis and tuning, the Cisco security team becomes an extension of the customer's security staff, supporting them in long-term business security and risk management, as well as near-term tactical solutions to evolving security threats.

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In the small enterprise network design, various components of the NAC Appliance solution are deployed throughout all locations, including the main site and each of the remote sites. More precisely, a centralized CAM is deployed at the main site, likely residing at the serverfarm, while a CAS is deployed at the main site and each remote site. Each CAS is connected directly to the core/distribution layer at each of those locations.


Traffic classification and reporting—Botnet Traffic Filter traffic classification is configured through the dynamic-filter command on the ASA. The dynamic filter compares the source and destination addresses of traffic against the IP addresses that have been discovered for the various lists available (dynamic black, local white, local black) and logs and reports the hits against these lists accordingly.

MAC Auth By-Pass—Using the MAC address of the client to provide authentication and bypass the 802/1X authentication process. Printer and legacy device support are typical applications.


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Cisco provides two features to accommodate non-802/1X devices, MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB) and the Guest VLAN. These features provide fallback mechanisms when there is no 802/1X supplicant. After 802/1X times out on a port, the port can move to an open state if MAB succeeds or if the Guest VLAN is configured. Judicious application of either or both of these features will be required for a successful 802/1X deployment.

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The Cisco SAFE Security Architecture is complimented by Cisco's rich portfolio of security services designed to support the entire solution lifecycle. Security is integrated everywhere and with the help of a lifecycle services approach, enterprises can deploy, operate, and optimize network platforms that defend critical business processes against attack and disruption, protect privacy, and support policy and regulatory compliance controls. Figure 61 shows how the Cisco Lifecycle Security Services support the entire lifecycle.


The small enterprise network design implements Intrusion Prevention using an Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module (AIP SSM) on the Cisco ASA appliance deployed at the Internet perimeter. This section describes the best practices for integrating and configuring the IPS module for maximum threat control and visibility, as well as the deployment of the IPS Global Correlation feature.

Event monitoring with Global Correlation is similar to event monitoring with signature-only IPS. The primary difference is the potential addition of reputation scores representing the Global Correlation data. Figure 30 shows Cisco IPS events with reputation scores in Cisco IME.


The Cisco SAFE uses the Cisco Security Control Framework (SCF), a common framework that drives the selection of products and features that maximize visibility and control, the two most fundamental aspects driving security. Also used by Cisco's Continuous Improvement Lifecycle services, the framework facilitates the integration of Cisco's rich portfolio of security services designed to support the entire solution lifecycle.

Syslog and SNMP can be used to keep track of system status, device access, and session activity. NetFlow Security Event Logging (NSEL), now supported on all Cisco ASA models, may also be used for the monitoring and reporting of session activity. The following configuration fragment illustrates the configuration of Syslog.

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For a CAS server to be managed by the CAM, it must be first added to the list of managed servers on the CAM. To do this the CAM needs to know the IP address of the CAS and the Server Type (its role in the network) of the CAS. In addition, the CAS and the CAM must have the same shared secret. The shared secret is configured during the server installation. An example of adding a CAS to the CAM is shown in Figure 49.


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The small enterprise network design utilizes the Cisco ASA Botnet Traffic Filter on the Internet Firewall to detect malware that attempts network activity such as sending private data (passwords, credit card numbers, key strokes, or other proprietary data) when the malware starts a connection to a known bad IP address. The Botnet Traffic Filter checks incoming and outgoing connections against a dynamic database of known bad domain names and IP addresses (the blacklist) and then logs or blocks any suspicious activity.

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Enabling WCCP redirection on an interface. Apply the WCCP service on the inside interface of the Cisco ASA.

When deploying the AIP SSM in inline mode it is particularly important to determine how traffic will be treated in case of a module failure. The AIP SSM card may be configured to fail open or close when the module becomes unavailable. When configured to fail open, the Cisco ASA appliance allows all traffic through, uninspected, if the AIP SSM becomes unavailable. In contrast, when configured to fail close, the adaptive security appliance blocks all traffic in case of an AIP SSM failure.


This reputation score is calculated for Cisco IPS sensors using the data in Cisco SensorBase and is sent to the sensor as a reputation update. If an IP address returns no value for reputation, than it is considered to be neutral. Cisco IPS, unlike E-mail and Web security reputation applications, has no concept of positive reputation. When an event is checked for reputation, this checking occurs entirely on the sensor using data downloaded previously from Cisco SensorBase. Unlike other devices, the sensor will not send a live request for information about an IP address that it has just seen. It will look in the data that it has, and if it finds the address, it will use that data; otherwise, the sensor will assume that the address has a neutral reputation.

Route redistribution from OSPF into the internal EIGRP should be limited to the default route only. No other routes should be propagated into EIGRP.


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It's a slick setup, one that makes creating macros easy and intuitive, even if adding in things like time delays. There are a plethora of pre-selected options to choose from in the various pull-down menus, and you're not just limited to the dedicated G1 through G9 keys, you can remap or add a macro to any of the keys on the keyboard.

Configure AAA for role-based access control and logging. Use a local fallback account in case AAA server is unreachable.


Next, a routing rule needs to be defined to indicate when and how to direct transactions to the upstream proxy group. Use the Global Routing Policy if all traffic is to be handled by the upstream proxies. If no proxies are present, leave the routing destination of the Global Routing Policy configured as Direct Connection. Figure 45 presents an example where all traffic is directed to the proxies in the Upstream-Lab_proxy group.

The initial setup requires the configuration of a host name for the WSA appliance and listing the DNS servers. Figure 37 shows the DNS configuration.


It is recommended that a legal notification banner is presented on all interactive sessions to ensure that users are notified of the security policy being enforced and to which they are subject. The notification banner should be written in consultation with your legal advisors.

A group-list indicating the IP addresses of the appliances member of the service group. In the example provided below, the group-list is named wsa-farm.


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Web Security—A Cisco IronPort S Series Web Security Appliance (WSA) is deployed at the distribution switches to inspect HTTP and HTTPS traffic bound to the Internet. This system enforces URL filtering policies to block access to websites containing non-business related content or that are known to be the source of spyware, botnets, or other type of malware. The WSA may also be configured to block certain Internet applications such as AOL Messenger, BitTorrent, Skype, etc.

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The next tab of interest is the Authentication Tab (see Figure 57), which has multiple dialogs for configuring different authentication options. The first dialog is the Login Page Dialog, which allows the configuration of different Web login pages depending upon the untrusted subnet being used for authenticating clients.


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Before enabling 802/1X in the network, it is essential to review the default security posture of a port enabled for 802/1X authentication: all traffic is dropped except 802/1X EAPoL packets. This is a fundamental change from the traditional model in which the port is enabled and all traffic is allowed from the moment that a device plugs into the port. Ports that were traditionally open will now be closed by default. This is one of the cornerstones of the strong security and network access control provided by 802/1X. However, this change in the default network access model can have a profound impact on network devices and applications. Understanding and providing for the impacts of this change will make for a smooth deployment of 802/1X network access control.

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The CAS is always inline with user traffic (both before and following authentication, posture assessment and remediation). Enforcement is achieved through being inline with traffic.

On the other hand, the great variety in hardware types, operating systems, and applications represents a clear challenge to the enforcement of security controls and policies. In order to continue to foster innovation, enable productivity, and meet the needs of the mobile workforce, companies must adapt to the changing trends in mobility. A viable solution is one that enables access for mobile workers while ensuring that the corporate data, assets, and network remain secure. On the other hand, users want the flexibility of choosing how, when, and where to access both personal and professional information to be productive, without being inconvenienced by security checks.


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Static translation for inside hosts going to the DMZ and vice-versa. The inside IP addresses are visible to the DMZ.